Your Questions Answered


We really had an awesome day yesterday at the Be Inspired 2016 conference organised by Yorkshire Ladies Links.  After 2 years of getting our little Tuffit ready for launch, being able to share it in person for the first time was such an exciting opportunity –  and we were overjoyed with the reaction!  Such positive comments all day. People were truly amazed at how much this little bit of kit can do.


One of the most interesting aspects for us was hearing the questions people have about the Tuffit.

It is fascinating to know that things we may not focus on (because they are obvious to us – sometimes you can be too close to your own design!) need a bit more explanation.

Here’s a quick roundup of the common questions from yesterday.

How do I get both platforms – do I have to buy them separately?

No – the two platforms are all part of the same Tuffit.  To access the second platform, simply invert the drawer to reveal the slip resistant surface underneath.

How sturdy is it?

Very.  It is totally solid.  It has to be so that it is safe to use.  It has been thoroughly tested to meet safety standards for both furniture and stationary fitness equipment and is approved for use in both domestic and commercial environments.

Do I have to assemble it myself?

Absolutely not!  We guarantee quality and workmanship so the Tuffit arrives with you in its finished state.  This is not a flat packed piece of furniture, it is a quality item made from timber and upholstery with luxurious fixtures and fittings.  Something we suggest that you might want to do is to oil the edges once in a while, exactly as you would an oak table for instance.  Over time this will bring out the grain in the wood and actually make it even more beautiful.

Do I need to pay for the content?

No!  All of our content is totally free with unlimited access.  We want to make it easier for you to workout.  In fact, you can review all of our programmes before you buy your Tuffit – check them all out here.

Could I do the same exercises with a chair or a footstool?

Definitely not, this would be completely unsafe.  A simple chair or footstool has not been tested for safety when it comes to exercise.  It could topple or collapse resulting in serious injury.  In addition, there is no safe way to attach resistance tubing.  Again, without following clear safety instructions with equipment that meets the relevant safety standards, you risk serious injury.

Why is there a difference in price for different Tuffits?

The price difference relates to the different finishes.  We would love to be able to offer all colours and upholstery at the same price, but sadly some of them cost more to make than others.  Our prices range from £299 to £369 depending on which combination you choose.

Are the accessories included in the Tuffit price?

Yes.  Everything you need to workout your whole body – both cardio and strength training – is included in the Tuffit package price starting at £299.

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New Friends

We also met lots of new friends yesterday!  A big shout out to just some of our favourites, you should definitely check out their websites on your next tea break:

Mothers Mean Business is a website community for the working parent. They offer all the information, advice and support a working parent needs for their career advancement and work life balance.

We finally got to meet Lyndsay face to face but we were so busy on our stand we didn’t manage to do any shopping!  For the best range of Lorna Jane and HPE fitness clothing, visit her site, it’s fab.

This incredible lady has written a book!  Her first novel, Futurespan is due to be published in May this year following a successful crowd-funding pre-order campaign.

Beth Hughes creates the most beautiful hats.  If you’re on the look out for something special or you have an event coming up make sure you take a look.

I’ve spent this morning so far totally engrossed in SJ’s blog.  Compelling reading.  Love it.

Tuffit x 3

Free Delivery

And just to finish off on #BeInspired2016 – we’re offering free delivery for everyone who attended the event yesterday.  Just use voucher code FREEPPYLL at the checkout until March 31st.

Finally, a quick shout out to Mel Malcolm and the whole team at Yorkshire Ladies Links for a truly amazing event.  You should be very proud.

Looking forward to #BeInspired2017 already!

Sarah xx