Wedding Fit

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Exercise for the bride to be – advice

The Dress

I often hear that choosing the dress was the first priority and it is often one brides have seen in a bridal magazine modelled by the perfect body.  All too often brides will choose the dress, then set about trying to transform their body to suit the dress. I recommend getting a head start with the exercise regime before trying on dresses.  At least this way you will have more of an idea if the dress is going to be the right look for you.

The ‘Perfit’ Body

Everyone’s needs are different – some may want to drop a couple of dress sizes and some may just want to tone up a few problem areas. Below are a few links to my tailored exercises for the Bride To Be – these are sculpting and toning programmes, devised to tackle specific areas depending on the kind of dress you want to wear:

The Strapless Gown
Perfect for toning those shoulders and arms.

Bridal Core
Nipped in waist on your preferred dress?  You need a CoreCurve®.

Hip Swish
If you’ve chosen a dress to show off your hourglass figure, include this lower body workout in your regime

Sleek Silhouette
If you’ve bravely decided to slink your way down the aisle in something that clings in all the right places, this one is for you.  Lots of Tuffit® platform activity to get the pulse racing.


Top Tips:  Exercise for the Bride to Be

Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect look for YOU in time for the big day.  If you need any more advice get in touch for a free consultation.

  1. Most brides start planning their big day at least 12 months in advance.  This is also a good time to plan your new exercise regime and visualise how you want to look and the changes you want to make.  The sooner the action plan is in place the better!  This way you can achieve the look you want without stressing about the date circled on the calendar.
  2. If you are new to exercise, start out steady and build up gradually – it is a common mistake to go in all guns blazing and run out of steam before you start.
  3. Combine cardio and resistance work – essential for fat loss, toning and shaping.
  4. Eat healthy balanced meals and up the water intake.
  5. Make sure you are fuelling your workouts.
  6. Recovery is important so don’t over train and ensure you get plenty of sleep.
  7. Be consistent with your workouts, put them in the diary in RED and try not to let other things take priority.
  8. Stay clear of the scales! Take measurements every 4 weeks and use the mirror as a measuring tool – if you are happy with how you look in the mirror, it doesn’t matter what number is looking back at you on the scales.
  9. Stay well clear of quick fix diets!  If it sounds too good to be true, trust me, it is.  Quick fix diets could actually have a detrimental impact and make it harder for you to achieve your goals.
  10. Planning a wedding can be stressful – ensure you include calming activities such as swimming, yoga, sauna or simply getting out in the fresh air taking a walk.