Waist Away

Oblique Twist 2

Core Exercise Name: Oblique Twist

How do I set up the Tuffit? Core Curve

How hard is it?  
This core exercise can be challenging especially if you are new to core work.  You might want to start with the less challenging exercises first, and these can be found in our core workouts. Abdominal crunch and planks are great to begin with. If you have a back injury consult with your doctor before carrying out this or any other core exercises.

Which muscle group does it work? 
This core exercise targets the waist muscles (obliques).

What’s good about it? 
This move strengthens, tones and shapes the waist muscles.  It is the perfect exercise for strengthening the whole of your core muscles.

Top Tip 
Using the CoreCurve® for this core exercise will give a little support to the lower back area.  Adding a weight will make the exercise more challenging – but start light! Always ensure your spine remains in the C shaped position.

Remember – watch the video for instruction and ensure you keep the correct alignment of the spine throughout.   If you feel discomfort around the lower back area this is a sign that the core muscles are fatigued and other muscles are being recruited pulling you out of alignment – stop the exercise and rest.

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