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should press joint

Exercise Name: Shoulder Press

How do I set up the Tuffit? Cross Over

How hard is it? Shoulder press with the Tuffit is easy to set up and the movement pattern is simple.

Which muscle group does it work?
The shoulder press primarily works the muscles in the shoulder (deltoids). The deltoids are made up of three individual muscles which cover the shoulder –located at the front, middle and rear.

What’s good about it?
This exercise primarily targets the shoulder area. The tricep muscle located in the back of the arm assists the movement pattern giving the arms a great workout too. What’s also great about this exercise is that the core (abdominals and obliques) are actively engaged and challenged so it’s a good all round exercise.

Top Tip
Ensure you execute this exercise with a full range of movement and under control. Fully extend the arms (avoid locking out the elbow) above the head whilst keeping your core engaged to maintain a nice long spine. Keep the wrist strong with your knuckles pointing towards the ceiling. If this exercise is a challenge for you, opt for working one arm at a time initially. Take a look at Curl up & Fly – a great upper body workout. 

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