Made In Britain

5. Construction Underway

Our first month of dispatching Tuffits has been fantastic!

We’ve had some amazing comments from happy customers and the team is hard at work lovingly preparing more in our workshop.  I popped down to the workshop earlier today to see how they were getting on!

All Tuffits are cut and hand crafted in the UK.

The beautiful birch ply is first cut by the lovely Ian at IJ CNC services.  Ian cuts all kinds of exciting items, including lots of furniture for TV and film sets.  So your Tuffit could have been cut next to something for a Hollywood star to sit on – we’d love to spill the beans and tell you who, but we’re sworn to secrecy!

Once delivered to our workshop near Leeds, each individual piece is hand sanded and constructed into the Tuffit’s final form before it is carefully cleaned and packed away to be shipped to each customer.

Tuffit in progress

Every Tuffit is built with care and attention to detail to ensure quality and, of course, a beautiful finish.

Have a look at our Tuffit design page where you can choose a finish and fabric to compliment your own home.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Sarah xx

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