Anna’s 6 Week Tuffit Challenge: “I want to set the best possible example for my daughter”

This is Anna’s Story.

Anna Mewes, 35, lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and two children.  When Anna told us her motivation for taking part in our challenge it really struck a chord here with the Fit for Keeps team.  Anna told us at the start of our 6 weeks working together: “I want to set the best possible example for my daughter and show her a Mummy who is happy and confident in herself and her body”.

As her day job, Anna is a Personal Stylist, so she knows a thing or two about what it means emotionally to look and feel your best.  Did the Tuffit Challenge measure up for Anna?  Read on and find out more…

Being a good role model

Hi Anna!  The 6 weeks have finished! How do you feel?

I feel great! I definitely have more energy as a result of exercising regularly and I’m feeling more toned and stronger. I’m also feeling really proud of myself, this is the most consistent I’ve been with my diet and exercise since I had my first child (who is now 5) and I’m pleased I’ve stuck with it throughout the challenge.

What have you taken or learnt from this experience as a whole?

I’ve really changed my mindset to exercise since doing this challenge. I’d be finding reasons not to exercise (too tired, not enough time etc.) but this challenge meant I didn’t really have a choice and once I started viewing my workouts as something that couldn’t be skipped or put off until another day it really helped. Now no matter how I feel I just put my workout gear on and do it, even when I really don’t want to. I’m not saying my workouts are always amazing, sometimes I just do the bare minimum, but its still better than doing nothing and I always feel better for it.

Would you do it again?!


What results have you had with our home exercise programme? 

I have lost just under half a stone in weight and am not far off dropping a dress size. I generally feel more toned and my tummy is flatter.  Exercising regularly has definitely improved my general mood too. After seeing my body change so dramatically since having my two children I had really got quite down on myself and felt so far from ever looking or feeling like I did pre-children. I’ve become much more positive, confident and happy since starting this challenge, I tried on a dress at the end of the challenge that I wore when I was at my slimmest back in 2009 and it fit! There were a few more lumps and bumps than there had been when I originally wore it but I know I’m on the right track now and that is a great feeling!

Considering a score out of 10, what would you rate the Tuffit? (please be honest!)

I’d give it an 8 out of 10

What has been the best thing about the whole challenge experience?
Getting back into regular exercise – I used to be a real gym bunny and hadn’t felt that desire to workout for a long time. That is definitely back now and those exercise endorphins are flowing, I’m loving it!

Even Fred and Ginger like the Tuffit!

What has been the worst thing about the whole challenge experience?

In a way I guess feeling obliged to workout even when I didn’t want to. But as I said earlier, this helped me change my mindset when it comes to exercise so ultimately it was a good thing really

What would you say to someone who was thinking about hiring a Tuffit for home exercise?

It is a great bit of kit and you really can do any exercise with it. The thing I loved the most was the convenience of having what is essentially an entire gym, in my front room. It meant that I could squeeze in workouts whenever I had a spare 30-60 minutes without having to factor in time to travel to/from the gym or childcare. There is also loads of variety and I loved the fact that you could choose what body part to workout as well as the length of time, it’s very flexible and versatile so you don’t get bored.

Finally, anything else you’d like to say about the Tuffit Challenge?

The Tuffit challenge has been great for me. It has helped me take a huge step towards my weight loss and fitness goals but more importantly it has really changed my mindset. I’m in a much more positive place with regards to how I look because I feel so much better. Regular exercise has boosted my energy levels and confidence and I know that I will achieve my goals now that I’m on the right track.

Now it’s time for the final vote!  Please vote for the finalist you think has worked the hardest this week.  Remember, the grand prize is a Tuffit each for our winner and a friend, so choose wisely!  Voting closes for the last time on Friday 21st April!  You can only vote for one of our finalists (Anna, Lauren, Karen or Fiona) and only one vote allowed per person.  Multiple votes received from the same email address will not be counted.

The competition has now ended.

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