Meet our 4 ‘Tuffit Challenge’ finalists!

These fabulous ladies will soon start their 6 week Tuffit Challenge.

Each of them will get a Tuffit and a bespoke training plan developed for their individual needs by Jenny.

Starting on 1st March, we’ll be keeping you posted on their progress and asking you to vote for the person you feel has worked the hardest.  The winner at the end of the 6 week challenge gets their very own Tuffit to keep and one for a friend!

So grab a cuppa and read on to get to know our finalists a little bit better…

Finalist Number One: Lauren, 31 from Halkirk by Thurso


Finalist number 1: Lauren with her son

Occupation:  Stay at home mum to 2 year old Luca and 6 year old Brodie

Who will be supporting you at home with your challenge?  My husband and sons

Lauren says:  I’m so looking forward to receiving this to get started and the support with Sarah, Jenny and Co.  I saw the competition just by pure chance on facebook and delighted I found it. Never seen any piece of fitness equipment like it.  If I did ever win this I definitely would give the other Tuffit to my sister Jayne she is definitely deserving of this. The struggles with her autistic 4 year old and being restricted very much, this would be a great peace of equipment for her lifestyle. Sisterly love lol!!

Finalist Number Two:  Karen, 58 from Huddersfield

ffk tuffit

Finalist Number Two: Karen

Occupation:  At home with husband and a dog!

How does it feel to be a finalist?

I’m very excited about being chosen as a finalist. This is a fantastic opportunity to establish a regular, effective programme of exercise.

Who will be supporting you at home?  

My lovely husband Fred will be providing my daily support, no doubt helped by our dachshund Megan!

Why did you decide to take part in the Tuffit Challenge?  

I liked the idea of a home based exercise routine since I struggle to do my usual daily walking exercise if it’s icy, snowing or even heavy rain, due to osteoporosis. I need to do exercises which are steady and controlled; overtwisting can lead to injury, so being given a personalised 6 week programme and coaching is a real bonus. The telephone support and website information will also provide support, especially in the first two or three weeks. Having to publicise my weekly ‘results’ is quite a motivator too since it means that I don’t want to fail – the pressure is on, albeit in a fun way!. Finally, I like the fact that the Tuffit is very compact and will fit in the living room which will help to remind me to do the exercises.

Finalist Number Three:  Anna, 35 from Baildon in West Yorkshire


Finalist Number Three: Anna

Occupation:Personal Stylist

Who will be supporting you at home?

My husband is my biggest cheerleader and will be supporting me every step of the way.  My parents, sister and brother-in-law will also be cheering me on (and my two children of course!)

How does it feel to be a finalist?

I’m over the moon at being selected as a finalist for the Tuffit challenge!  I’m so up for this challenge and can’t wait to get started!  My body has changed dramatically since having my two children (aged five and 16 months), I’ve been unhappy and suffering from low self esteem since I had my youngest child and it’s time to make a change.  I’d already decided that 2017 was going to be the year I get my ass into gear (literally) and when I saw the competition I just felt it was a sign, so I entered!  I want to set the best possible example for my daughter and show her a Mummy who is happy and confident in herself and her body.  This challenge is my opportunity to take back control of my health and fitness and show both my children what a bit of willpower, a positive attitude and discipline can achieve.  I really want to make my family proud!

Finalist Number Four:  Fiona, 49 from Dalbeattie in Dumfries & Galloway


Finalist Number Four: Fiona

Occupation:  Company Secretary, I also teach special needs children swimming once a week

What do you think of the Tuffit?

When I first came across your product I was so impressed with such an innovative idea I thought that would be ideal for me as I work from home and I am not a fan of the gym.

Why did you enter the Tuffit Challenge?

Over the last year I have lost quite a bit of weight and really need to tone up virtually my whole body as things just seem to be sagging. I do a lot of walking with my dogs but that only keeps my calf muscles in shape.

I am the type of person who is great at motivating other people but when it comes to getting me motivated I fall down so to speak. Having a plan to work to and support will give me the right mindset to get going and I do love a challenge.

Who will be supporting you?

My partner of 33 years will be a rock for me throughout this challenge and I am sure my son & daughter-in-law will support me all be it over the phone or Skype. I also have a very supportive family and a fab group of friends who will have my back during the 6 weeks.

Keep checking our blog for updates on how the finalists are doing – the countdown has started…!

Good Luck Ladies!

Sarah & Jenny xxx



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