The Story

Fit For Keeps - Story - Sarah and Jenny

Meet Jenny and Sarah:  both are busy Mums with a passion for fitness.  The idea for the Tuffit started in early 2014 and was developed around the kitchen table!  Through two years of sheer determination and coppering up every last penny they could find, they launched the Tuffit in January 2016 and both are still personally involved in every aspect of the business.

Jenny has spent her whole career in the fitness industry.  As a multi-titled world figure champion and personal trainer she knows her stuff – and knows exactly how difficult it can be to ‘fit in fitness’.  Jenny wanted to create something to help all those women who are just like the ladies she sees in her studio, looking for something that fits in with their lifestyle.

Sarah teamed up with Jenny in 2014 after having her second child.  Despite having left her job at female super brand ghd to have some time out with the kids, she was still struggling to fit in exercise easily.  Sarah was looking for a solution and decided to work with Jenny on developing the Tuffit!

Lifestyle fitness not fitness fads

Through research with women all over the UK, Jenny and Sarah discovered that there are many barriers to exercising at home – equipment is often bought with the best of intentions before being relegated to the loft, garage or spare room after just a handful of uses. Often this is because of how it looks (who wants a treadmill in their living room?!) the bulky size or lack of instructional content.

Motivation can also be a huge barrier to exercise

Jenny and Sarah wanted to create equipment that is beautiful and exciting to use to make the experience so much more enjoyable. To embrace a fitter you, you need something that blends seamlessly with your lifestyle.

A labour of love

Many days, hours and weeks were spent researching, planning and risking it all to bring the Tuffit to life.

Attitudes to health and fitness are constantly changing but the Fit for Keeps philosophy is simple: exercise makes you feel great, if you feel great you look fantastic, which means you’re only ever one workout away from amazing.

Find your perfect Fit – for Keeps

Jenny and Sarah really hope to help women everywhere to achieve their fitness goals and to find their perfect Fit – for Keeps.

About Jenny


  • Lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire with her husband and two daughters
  • 20 years experience in the fitness industry
  • Personal trainer to both figure competitors and general public
  • 13 fitness titles including UIBBN World Figure Champion
  • She may be a personal trainer but she still loves chips, cake and wine, not necessarily in that order!

Jenny says: “Through my personal training work I know many different women but one thing is consistently true – they all have busy lives and struggle to fit it all in. The Tuffit is our way of removing some of the barriers to working out– and since it fits in any room, it’s a nice little reminder to lead a more active lifestyle! There are no excuses!”


About Sarah


  • Lives in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire with her husband and two sons
  • Reluctant exerciser but likes being fit and the post workout glow!
  • Previously Marketing Director for female superbrand ghd where she developed products and advertising which championed every woman’s right to a good hair day
  • Most likely to say: “Does intensive shoe shopping count as cardio?”
  • Least likely to say: “I could do at least another 50 squats”

Sarah says: “I eventually got tired of paying for gym membership but not managing to fit any visits in – especially after I had my two children. I really wanted something that I could do at home, preferably in front of the TV! The trouble is I don’t like having ugly bulky equipment around. So Jenny and I started talking seriously about developing a piece of gorgeous fitness furniture using interior design trends for inspiration. We hope you love it as much as we do!”