The Diet Starts Tomorrow

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I know as well as anyone how hard it can be to stick to a diet plan.  When I was competing, the training was hard but the most difficult part was the diet.  There was nothing wrong with the food I was eating, the choices being healthy, but there was no freedom when out to just pick up a sandwich or have fish and chips just because I fancied it. Socialising was limited too – no wine for Jenny!

So this has given me lots of personal experience around the psychology of dieting and the commitment involved.  You need to be mentally prepared in order to stick to a restricted diet – it’s not something you can do half-heartedly when it comes to competing.  Similarly, lots of the women I train are eating a different diet because they’re getting ready for a special occasion – like a wedding or holiday.

Obviously, real life is not as demanding as the competitive world but if you’re aiming for a special occasion you still have a deadline.  And it’s perfectly normal to have ups and downs when trying to lose weight.


Jenny’s favourite t-shirt…she is a “hangry” one!

Feeling “Hangry”

There are times when things don’t go to plan, that’s life and you screw up.  I recall one time I was at my youngest daughter’s birthday party. I had rushed around like you do when you have little ones and totally forgot about eating myself…oh dear this wasn’t good…ask Sarah. I get really ‘hangry’ (hungry + angry) when not fed at regular intervals.  I need to eat every few hours if not I can turn in to a quivering wreck.  The kids’ food came out – steaming hot dogs – and I could no longer fight off the hunger and downed a hotdog including the bread roll in one!  It tasted soooo good. Feeling contented with my full tummy the reality of what I had done soon hit me. It might sound crazy but the guilt was just awful.  Lesson learned, plan for every eventuality. But more importantly, if you do cheat remember the tomato sauce!  I forgot to add tomato sauce to my cheat hotdog – what a waste!

The chances are the odd slip up probably wouldn’t hurt if you have been on it the rest of the time but the thing to watch out for is that the odd cheat can change how you feel mentally.  Here’s something for you to ponder if a slight slip up has you feeling defeated…

So You Broke The Kitchen Window?

If you accidentally broke your kitchen window with a cricket ball, would you feel so upset that you broke every other window in your house?  Or would you understand that the damage is limited to that one thing so you can limit your repair bill?  Think about dieting the same way. It’s a really good perspective to have to limit any regrets you might be feeling.

In my world, when show day comes round it’s a bit like getting married. Months of prep and finally the big day has come to step on stage and display what you have been working for and hopefully take home a trophy (or the husband is your prize in the case of a wedding)!  There’s no better feeling than knowing you have done everything you can to look and feel your best on that important day.

What's your target?

What’s your target?

*Please note – This blog post is not a substitute for medical advice.  You should always speak to you GP before embarking on a change in diet.