What’s Your Fitness Age? Take the Test!

Have you been watching the BBC programme ‘How to stay young?’

How to Stay Young – Copyright BBC Studios / Sean Elliott

I’ve been glued to the screen as I find the whole things fascinating, especially seeing how the different lifestyle aspects can affect your fitness or body age.

Each week, a volunteer is taken through a series of complicated tests and then told how their body age differs from their birth age.  In one episode I saw, a bloke who looked slim and healthy because he had a naturally fast metabolism had a body age that was 20 years older than his birth age! You would never have known looking at him but because weight gain had never been a problem he’d obviously spend years abusing his body with unhealthy food.

Other participants found out how much sleep deprivation and anxiety can affect your health and ultimately dramatically affect your overall body age.

One theme that came through very strongly though was that there is one universal solution that can help practically every issue…yes, you’ve guessed it, exercise!  Moving more is genuinely a panacea for all.  The firm truth is that exercise not only burns calories to keep your weight in check, it strengthens your bones and muscles, improves your cardiovascular system and can provide relief from all manner of ailments such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.

I would love to have a go in the BBC’s lab and find out what my body age is…but since that’s not possible, I’ve had a go at the next best thing!

Now you can test your fitness age using an online calculator, created by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The test asks people to enter information such as their gender, height, weight, waist circumference, heart rate and how frequently they exercise.

Based on your answers, the university’s Cardiac Exercise Research Group calculates VO2max which is a measure of how much oxygen the body is able to take in.  Measured in milliliters of O2 per kilogram of body weight per minute, the researchers say it is ‘the most precise measure of overall cardiovascular fitness’. It reveals how well the muscle cells can take in oxygen, and how well the lungs and heart can transport oxygen to tissues.

Comparing average VO2max scores for each age group, the test can reveal our fitness age!

Take The Test NOW!

Visit worldfitnesslevel.org, complete the short questionnaire to get an indication of your fitness age.  Obviously, it is only an indication since they are unable to monitor your eating/drinking/smoking habits, but it could provide a reassuring nudge to keep you going or a wake up call if there are some changes you need to make to your habits in order to improve your health.

I completed the test earlier and I’m relieved to say that my 2-3 Tuffit sessions each week are keeping me on track:

My fitness age is 37 based on the online calculator

If, like me and many others in the UK you want to build fitness easily into your life, give a FREE Tuffit Trial a chance – what have you got to lose, apart from a few years off your fitness age?!

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