Stretch It Out

Back Hyper 2

Exercise Name: Back Hyper

How do I set up the Tuffit? CoreCurve only

How hard is it?  
Back Hyper is relatively an easy exercise to perform.  If you have back problems seek advice from your doctor or physician.

Which Muscle group does it work? 
It works you erector spinae which runs down the full length of the spine from your neck to the lower back.

What’s good about it? 
Strengthening your erector spinae can help to maintain the proper alignment of the spine.  Weakness in these muscles can lead to poor posture, back pain and injury. If you are sat at a desk all day this is a fantastic exercise for you.

Top Tip 
If you have not performed this exercise before try it without the CoreCurve to begin with, adding the CoreCurve will further challenge the erector spinae muscles.
The back hyper exercise is a controlled exercise and requires postural alignment.  Ensure you read the guidance notes and watch the video.