How to stick to the plan and achieve your goals

How to reach your goals

As a Personal Trainer I want my clients to improve their health, achieve their fitness goals and be happy with the results.

The speed at which results are achieved differs from person to person and this largely depends on their lifestyle outside of their exercise regime.

Everyone enjoys having a social life – going out for a meal and drinks – and for most this is a treat that won’t interfere too much with their plan. However, some people have work commitments that involve entertaining clients or socialising on a regular basis. Unfortunately, eating and drinking out inevitably slows results. This peer pressure can cause frustration because results are not achieved as quickly as expected. People can feel trapped because they worry that in order to entertain their client they have to take part and indulge – three course meals, drinks, late nights several times per week. This is most definitely going to interfere with results and performance in the gym.

I train many successful business people who are confident, highly motivated and achieve their goals in the workplace daily. Yet these same people struggle to put these skills into practice when out with clients or colleagues because they feel they have to go along with what everyone else is doing and feel they are being unsociable if they choose not to over indulge. This is a barrier many people can relate to.

Here are some tips to help you take control and not compromise your health or fitness goals.

  • Check out the menu prior to the meeting and choose beforehand the healthier option and stick to it. Treat it like any other meeting: put the plan in place before you go in.
  • If there isn’t anything healthy on the menu, contact the restaurant in advance and ask them for a healthier alternative. Don’t take no for an answer! If they want your regular business they will accommodate you. If something wasn’t working in the workplace you wouldn’t accept no for an answer would you?
  • Reduce the number of alcoholic drinks and replace with water.
  • If you are arranging a social event why not opt for an activity instead of a meal out?
  • You should never feel pressured into drinking alcohol. Consider driving to events so that you eliminate any temptation and can stick to non-alcoholic alternatives. Remember, alcohol also weakens your resolve – you are more likely to over indulge with food if you have had a few glasses of wine!

In order to achieve the body you want, dedication and commitment is required. If you weren’t getting results from your work you would change your methods and the same should apply to achieving your personal fitness goals. If you are not seeing results in your body shape you need to look at the bigger picture and identify where the problem is and change it.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Remember you are a powerful, confident person with your own mind. Take control, make a few small changes and the results will follow.

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