Step In Time


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Exercise Name: Lateral Step Over

How do I set up the Tuffit? Platform

How hard is it?  
This exercise is easy to set up and once you have establish a good foot pattern it is also easy to execute. Adding height and intensity will make the exercise more challenging.

Which Muscle group does it work? 
This exercise works the muscles in the lower body – thighs, hamstrings, glutes and calves.  The core muscles which help to stabilise the upper body also get a workout.

What’s good about it? 
This move is great for strengthening and toning those leg and glute muscles. The postural muscles are also activated when performing the exercise with good alignment. It is a superb fat burning exercise as there are lots of muscles working together, requiring more energy to execute.

Top Tip
Stepping up and down moving forwards is a functional movement we do every day that doesn’t require much thought.  Stepping up laterally (sideways) may require some practise!  Start with the lower level platform, check the guidance notes and watch the video.  Once you are happy with the flow of the movement and your posture is good then move on to the higher platform.