Some Things Are Worth Waiting For

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Part of the Fit for Keeps team, Jess Glover, shares why the Tuffit was home fitness equipment worth waiting for.

I first heard about the Tuffit 2 years ago after meeting Sarah and Jenny at a trade show. I have been waiting to get my hands on one ever since!

Me and fitness

Like most busy 30 somethings, I find shoe-horning regular exercise into my week a challenge. It’s the same for everyone. You work, sort stuff around the house, look after your family, do the food shop, see friends and sleep! So unless you are outstandingly motivated or exercise takes priority over other things, there needs to be an easy option for effective exercise. I say effective because I have been an active gym goer and my sister is a personal trainer, so I understand the benefits of regular cardio and resistance training.


Half an hour between a food shop and dinner…

It packs a punch

I love my Tuffit. Since it arrived I have managed to fit workouts into my week that I never would have before, simply because I have the home fitness equipment and guidance I need to workout without having to leave my front room.

Plus, unlike most cumbersome or ugly home fitness equipment, the Tuffit looks like a piece of furniture and I’m not the least embarrassed to have it next to my sofa and coffee table (rather than banished to the garage or spare room). And as the 150 workouts demonstrate, the little stool-like box packs a punch when it comes to functionality!

curl up and fly

Tuffit on tour

I have even taken the Tuffit on the road while spending a week away from home for work. A slightly tricky manoeuvre but I managed to get it into the back of my 3 door Mini!

Tuffit on tour

Strapped in and ready for the motorway…

Take a look around

There is more to this exciting piece of home fitness equipment than first meets the eye. So take a look around, browse the workouts and watch the videos.  I can already say that for me, my Tuffit will prove a much wiser investment than another year of (under used) gym membership.