The Secret Fitness Formula 

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When we started out developing the Tuffit in 2014, we knew we had to get to the bottom of how women feel about fitness and exercise.

We commissioned research to allow us to really understand what women want when it comes to working out.  Jenny and I sat in a number of focus groups listening to honest, funny and sometimes emotional stories about how we girls really feel about our bodies and working out.  It is definitely a really powerful subject that gets everyone talking.

Ultimately, we discovered that almost all women want an exercise routine that is easy to fit in with the rest of their lives.

And one of the really interesting things we discovered is that there is a secret formula!

You see, there are some ladies who just have the whole home fitness plan sorted.  Most of us look at these women with a mixture of admiration and envy.

They always manage to find a way to exercise.  They probably also have busy jobs and a busy family life but they manage to seemingly integrate workouts into this schedule with ease.  I imagine they also always wear matching underwear and fill in the forms sent home from school on the same day they receive them too…but I digress.

As we watched the focus groups unfold, Jenny with interest, me weeping inside and wondering why I can’t be more of machine when it comes to exercise, an interesting pattern emerged.

Those who find a role and a routine for fitness in their lives have 4 things that the others don’t.

The 4 Bs…

The 4Bs

Does this ring true to you?  Think about what your 4Bs are:

What are your goals?

Who would be your training role model?

Make sure you book sessions in your diary and you’ll soon be way more focused on the benefits than the process.

Try the 4Bs for a couple of weeks and see if you can adopt a home fitness plan that works for you.

Let us know how you get on.

Sarah xx

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