Raise the Roof


Upper Body Exercise Name: Lateral Raise

How do I set up the Tuffit? Cross Over 

How hard is it?  
This exercise is easy to set up and the movement pattern is simple.

Which muscle group does it work? 
This exercise primarily works the muscles in the shoulder (deltoids).

What’s good about it? 
This exercise strengthens and tones the shoulder area – a nice one to get the upper body ready for summer.  It’s also a good alternative to a shoulder press if you find pushing over head difficult.  Postural muscles play an important role when executing this upper body exercise. Keeping the core activated will help to stop any movement from the spine (avoid leaning backwards).

Top Tip
Whilst this upper body exercise is easy to execute, it’s important that the stabiliser muscles don’t take over the movement.  If you feel tension in the back of the neck or in-between the shoulder blades, then the trapezius is probably taking over the movement because the shoulder has fatigued.  Use a light resistance band and once the muscle has fatigued, rest.

Take a look at the demo video and happy raising!