Press Up and Away

Press Up Hard 2
Exercise Name: Press Up (Variation)

How do I set up the Tuffit? Low Platform

How hard is it?
The press up is a basic strength building exercise and the movement pattern is simple to grasp. This exercise is easy to set up, there is no equipment required in the floor based variants. The use of a mat is advisable if you are opting for the easier version.  The advanced version requires the use of the low platform.

Which muscle group does it work?
The press up is a brilliant exercise for strengthening and toning the muscles in the upper body.  Several muscle groups are recruited to execute the movement and include the muscles in the chest (pectoralis major), shoulders (deltoids), arms (triceps brachii), back (serratus anterior) and neck.

A big bonus with this exercise is that the core gets a challenging workout too and can help to keep those postural muscles in check.

What’s good about it?
There is a press up variant to suit all levels of strength and fitness. and you can press up anywhere. It is superb for strengthening and toning the body as a whole.

Top Tip
If you are new to press ups, start with the easier variant first.  Ensure you lower the upper body to the full range of movement as shown for maximised strength gain.  The press up is a challenging exercise and can take a while to build up the strength.

Work through the variants and don’t give up! You will soon be on your toes executing the full version.


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