Planning The Fitness Content   

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I promised myself that Fit for Keeps would provide solutions to the many barriers women had told us they face when it comes to home fitness.

A critical part was making sure we provided easy to follow, high quality instructional content – after all, it’s one thing buying a piece of equipment and having it delivered to your door, but you need to know what to do with it when it arrives!

90 and counting…

To start I made a list of 90 exercises for the first release.  When combined, these 90 exercises allowed me to prepare over 150 different programmes of varying lengths and difficulty.  I stood by my golden rule of keeping it simple and worked hard to produce the key exercises required to work every muscle group effectively.

I felt that it was important to give Tuffit users all the elements of a workout from start to finish.  After all, this is what I do on a day to day basis in my PT work.  Honestly, I don’t think I realised just how much was involved until I started putting pen to paper.  Teaching is second nature to me, I have done it for so long, but actually writing it down step-by-step turned out to be a massive job!

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Jenny just a little bit post-it-note crazy!

A proper job!

Sarah and I have done tonnes of research in this area and we discovered that although there are loads of workouts available online, it really is a mixed bag in terms of quality.  From experience, I’m all too aware of the importance of good teaching – correct form, working around injuries, illnesses, lifestyle, etc.  There doesn’t appear to be very much free content available online where the teaching is thorough, often critical parts of a workout such as the warm up are missing as content providers try to meet unrealistic expectations about ‘working out in under 10 minutes’.

Teaching the exercise well requires detail and description.  In my day job, I’m often starting from the beginning with clients new to exercise, and then there are others that have exercised in the past but picked up bad habits along the way.  I wanted to do my best to teach all the elements thoroughly in the Fit for Keeps programmes, capturing some of the teaching I do in the studio, so that Tuffit users really feel like they have that personal training support.

For someone starting out in resistance training and cardio, we begin with basic moves progressing to more complex movements.  I really feel as though there’s something for everyone – no matter what your skills or fitness level.

Take a look at our fitness content here – you can even choose your workout based on your mood. I know from working with women of all different ages and lifestyles that how you feel on any given day can really affect your performance in the gym.  It’s good to factor this in, so that on the days you’re on it, you really go for it and the days when life is feeling a bit tough, you look after yourself.

More soon

Jenny xx