Planking Brilliant

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Say hello to this week’s exercise of the week…

Exercise Name: The Plank

What’s the Tuffit set up?  No equipment needed.

How hard is it? 
The plank is a challenging exercise but can be adapted to suit everyone.

Which muscle group does it work?
The plank is primarily exercised to target core muscles but actually every muscle in the body is recruited and put to work, starting from the neck right through to the calves.

What’s good about it?
The plank is a great exercise for posture and can help to stretch tense muscles which can become tight, especially for those who sit crouched over a desk for most of the day.  The plank is a favourite exercise used in Pilates. Together with other forms of exercise and a balanced diet the plank can help to streamline the waist.  Switching on the core muscles required whist holding the plank position soon becomes a habit.

Exercising the core muscles by simply engaging them as you perform general day to day tasks really helps with posture and helps to prevent lower back injuries.

Timing the plank is a great way to monitor progress. Remember to watch your form throughout, when you feel the hips drop out of alignment end the plank there!  Use a mirror to check alignment if needed.

You could try the plank as part of the Absolute-Abs programme.

Take a look at my plank demo and enjoy!