Me and my Tuffit

Jo_Working on that Core!

Jo working on her core!

Here’s what our first Tuffit owner, Joanne from Warrington, made of her purchase.

You’re the owner of the first ever Tuffit to be sold – how does it feel?!
The Tuffit has been launched at the perfect time for me in my own personal fitness journey so it feels great – I really think it will really complement the other activities I do.

What’s your relationship with fitness?
We’re becoming re-acquainted at the moment! Working pretty much full time with 2 children, both at primary school, has made finding the time to keep fit a real challenge over the last few years – to be honest, it’s not been a priority. However, I’ve been very conscious that I encourage the kids to be active and should set a better example! So I started running a few months’ ago – that felt like the easiest thing to fit in because I can just go straight out from home as and when. I’ve really noticed how much better and more energetic I feel as a result.

What do you like about the Tuffit?
Lots! It fits neatly and discretely into the lounge (doubling as a handy extra seat!) so it’s right there when I want to use it – I’d never make it out to the gym so this just perfect. For something so small it’s incredibly versatile – so far I’ve mainly used it to complement my running – and daily step-counting! – with toning exercises, but if I’ve not managed to get out for a run, then I’ve used it for some cardio activity. Not only can I use it for whatever I want to do, but I can build on that too, simply by increasing the number of repetitions or sets – so I can see how it can grow with me.

There are so many different programmes that I can’t see me getting bored (which is what happened when I tried exercise DVDs). I’m already starting to remember how to do some of the exercises without referring to the book or website, which means I can spend the time exercising catching up on TV programmes I’ve missed – brilliant!

What’s your favourite programme so far and why?
I love using the Core Curve for programmes, as well as using the resistance bands for upper body toning with programmes like Works a ChARM – I’ve not really done anything like that at home before.

What’s your fitness goal?
Very simply that keeping fit becomes a habit that I enjoy. For me that means variety and convenience are critical. I’m also debating entering a 10km run later this year – it will be well over 10 years since I last did one so this would be a real challenge!

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