Live and Kicking


Exercise Name: Tricep Kickback

How do I set up the Tuffit? Cross Over

How hard is it?
This exercise is a very easy movement to perform once you have familiarised yourself with the positioning and set up. Try out the different strengths of resistance tubing to find the correct level of difficulty for you. This exercise will feel relatively easy to begin with but the muscle will soon begin to fatigue in the back of the arm after a few repetitions.

Which Muscle group does it work?
This exercise works the tricep – the muscle in the back of the arm.

What’s good about it?
This exercise is great for toning the back of the arm, a common problem area for women. The positioning of this exercise requires correct body alignment activating all those important postural muscles. The tricep kickback is a great alternative to tricep dips which can be problematic for some people if there is a weakness in the wrist or flexibility in the joint is restricted.

Top tip…
Combine this exercise with a Press Up to further challenge the triceps.

Watch Jenny demo the perfect Tricep Kickback.