‘Tis the Little Black Dress Season (Almost)

Little Black Dress Workouts

We’ve all been there, struggling to zip up that favourite little black number as December arrives and we realise we’ve been hiding under baggy woollies since September!  Make this year the year you feel fabulous at all your Christmas parties.

Here are our tips for shaping up in November in time for the December festivities…Don’t leave it too late, start now!

Forget the fad diets

Many people fall in to the trap of settling for a quick fix diet in a desperate attempt to fit in to their little black number to only wind up feeling pretty miserable with no energy and end up gaining more weight than what they were previously. Forget the January New Year’s resolution of ‘ I’m going to start working on my new body then’ – do it now!

It’s important to build into your regime a good mix of strength and cardio training to achieve fat loss and gain lean muscle for that all over feminine look.

Jenny Garside, Tuffit creator and expert Personal Trainer, recommends working out between 3-5 times per week combining strength & cardio to maximise results. Allow active rest days in between strength work.

Tuffit now…Champagne Later!

Tuffit now Champagne Later

Jenny has put together some brand new Little Black Dress Programmes to help you.  Here’s an example of a  weekly workout plan based on 5 sessions per week.

Monday:  Little Black Dress Whole Body, Strength & Tone programme

Tuesday:  Little Black Dress HIIT, Aerobic conditioning programme

Wednesday:  Active rest day – make sure to go for a brisk walk

Thursday:  Little Black Dress Upper Body, Tones shoulders, back, chest and arms.

Friday:  Little Black Dress Lower Body, Tones those all important areas including glutes, front of thigh, back of thigh, inner and outer thigh.

Saturday:  Little Black Dress Core – The perfect workout for trimming the waist and strengthening those core muscles.

Sunday:  Sundays are great for walking, take yourself out for a nice long walk, breathe in some fresh air and free your mind.

Note: If you can’t fit in the 5 sessions you can link some of the workouts together – for example you could combine Upper Body with Core, Lower Body with the HIIT workout or at the very least get two Whole Body workouts in during the week.

Always aim to progress the workouts by either completing more sequences or increasing the resistance.

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