Just Tell Me What To Do


Part of the Fit for Keeps team, Jess Glover, shares how she is getting on with the 8 Week Programme.

If you are anything like me you like to have as little thinking to do as possible when it comes to working out. Just tell me what to do to get to where I want to be and I’ll do my best to plough through. So I was delighted when Jenny put the 8 Week Programme together!

I can just get on and do as I’m told knowing that someone else has thought about how the daily workout plan should combine during a week to help me get results.

In Week 1 I completed half of the suggested plan and in Week 2 (where I’m at now) I’m on track to hit them all! Happy days!

As I’ve been going along I’ve found two things have really helped. So here they are…

shutterstock_215721418 (1)

It’s All About Timing

Try not to let feeling tired or just “not up for it” put you off from completing your daily workout plan. A lower intensity workout is better than no workout at all. Plus once you’ve got going you’ll likely find your energy levels increase helping you to work that bit harder. On a “feeling good” day I tend to work for 40 seconds and rest for 20, making each rep of the workout 1 minute long. On slightly “I’ve had a hellish day at work and want to go to bed” days I work for 30 seconds and rest for 30.

Don’t let the all or nothing monster steal what will eventually make you feel a whole lot better.

To keep track of your times, use the timer on your phone or download an interval timer app so you know when to start and stop.


Thank You For The Music

I’d also suggest finding some workout music that will keep you going. I tried working out to Adele once…I was ready for a cry and a sleep by the end. So far Girls Aloud have had the right mix of cheese and tempo, and have put me in a pretty good mood! I’ll have to find something else soon though so recommendations welcome. There is only so much girl pop you can listen to in a week.

Looking forward to Week 3!

Jess xx

p.s. The picture of me is from last Spring. A little ice cream motivation goes a long way.

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