Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down


Exercise Name:  Jump Lunge

How do I set up the Tuffit? No equipment required.

How hard is it? 
This exercise is an advanced movement and I wouldn’t recommend it to someone just starting their fitness journey.

Which Muscle group does it work? 
Mainly the muscles in the legs, but in order to generate the power required for this movement the muscles in the upper body are also recruited.

What’s good about it? 
Brilliant for strengthening and toning the legs and glutes.  This exercise uses lots of energy and really does get you out of puff, giving your cardiovascular system a good workout at the same time.

Jenny’s Tip 
I would recommend familiarising yourself with the Lunge exercise first if you are new to this type of training.  Once you feel comfortable with the movement you can add in the jump element.  I would also suggest using a wall to help with balance.