Flu Jabs, Gold Hot Pants & New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been a funny old last month to the year.  Starting with my Birthday in early December I came down with what I thought was a seasonal virus. Nothing serious, more inconvenient than anything.

Side view of sick woman having coffee on sofa in living room

This is not actually me with the flu – I wasn’t in the mood for photos!

But then by mid-December I had full blown flu and was in hospital with suspected sepsis.  Fantastically well cared for at the Harrogate District Hospital A&E and by my close friends Claire, Chris and Harriet (as my husband spends most of the week working away), the sepsis turned out to be a false alarm and an intravenous dose of antibiotics, penicillin and fluid and I was back home in bed later on the same day.

Then the flu became pneumonia

Cut to a week later and it turns out I actually have pneumonia and am under doctor’s orders to properly rest with no strenuous exercise for 6 weeks until a chest X-ray confirms the all clear.

Now I’m no medical expert, I have no idea why at the young-ish (I like to think) age of 39 I would end up so poorly.  But I do know one thing…for several weeks leading up to my birthday I didn’t feel right.  Tired to the point of exhaustion, pushing myself to work into the evening and caring for two small children, one of whom is almost 4 and is yet to sleep through the night.

It’s hard work running a start up business

Start Up Business: You have to burn the midnight oil

Start Up Business: You often burn the midnight oil

We launched the Tuffit 12 months ago and although we were working on it for 2 years prior to that, we most definitely still consider ourselves to be a start up.

And it’s been a good year, we’ve achieved a lot.

A respectable number of Tuffit sales, very happy customers, a successful programme of classes in the summer months, lots of great press coverage and we’re still here when lots of start up businesses don’t make it past the 12 month mark.  Then factor in that we’re probably the most difficult type of start up – we design and manufacture our own brand new product as well as market and sell it – the risks are much higher, the investment much larger (both financially and emotionally) and the rewards, if you make it that far, take years to come to fruition.

Last New Year’s Eve was filled with hope.

We hadn’t yet started selling Tuffits, that came in January, and we secretly joked Only Fools and Horses style “This time next year Rodney, we’ll be millionaires!”

The reality is that sales have been encouraging and we now have a much more realistic handle on what to expect.


Only Fools and Horses

So this New Year’s Eve, I will feel a mixture of hope and satisfaction.

We may not yet be paying ourselves a salary, but Jen and I have come so far, on our own, just two Yorkshire lasses putting ourselves out there and giving it our best shot.   We both have day jobs besides running Fit for Keeps and having busy family lives.  Then factor in that as advocates for exercise we have to fit our own workouts in too, and to be honest, it’s a good job we invented the Tuffit to give us the flexibility to squeeze in workouts at home!

And this year, I won’t be making resolutions but promises to myself and my family.

Life is a balance and a juggling act, but we’re only here on this earth once. I’m very lucky – I have a fabulous day job at Coalters Estate Agents in York with lovely colleagues, a beautiful family who support and love me, children who fill me with joy every single day, amazing friends who I can count on and an exciting little project called Fit for Keeps that I’m really passionate about.

I’m going to promise myself that I will continue to do everything I can to keep juggling, but not at the expense of my health.

I had definitely stopped listening to what my body was saying before I became ill.  Part of being ‘Fit for Keeps’ is looking after yourself in every way.  It’s not just about exercise, but about breathing space, time to think, sleep and reflect.

I’m going to set some boundaries.  Assign time to the right things on the right days and give myself plenty of time off.

I’m also going to book myself in religiously each year for a flu jab from now on!

gold pants

The incredible Kylie wearing gold hot pants in the ‘Spinning Around’ video in 2000 – I bet she’d still look good in them now!

And obviously, I’m determined to have my best year yet when it comes to fitness.

If you disregard the pneumonia for a moment, I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since before I was pregnant with my first baby. With a big birthday looming in 2017, I’m on a mission to set my own personal fitness record and maybe even wear something totally inappropriate like gold hot pants on my 40th Birthday just to prove that I can! If it’s good enough for Kylie then it’s good enough for me!

Happy New Year!

Sarah x

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