“Exercise got rid of my baby blues”

8 September 2016Fit & Well Magazine Read More

“Home workouts just got another one-upmanship on gyms thanks to Tuffit – the fitness accessory posing as a footstool”.

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“Multitasking Tuffit…Great for cardio and strength”

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“A compact product which could change the face of hotel fitness”

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“Designed by a personal trainer and multi-titled World Figure Champion the Tuffit is this year’s must have kit”

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“Join the home fitness revolution with a Tuffit by Fit for Keeps”.

29 June 2016Health & Fitness Read More

“Yorkshire mum’s tough times inspire exercise gadget”

27 June 2016Yorkshire Evening Post Read More

“Tuffit can be used for tons of conditioning exercises and looks just like furniture.  Genius!”

1 July 2016Women’s Fitness Read More

“Replace a piece of furniture with this beautiful bit of kit…”

16 May 2016The Sun Read More

“A Tuffit is for life, not just for Uni”

22 April 2016Student Wire Read More

“The Tuffit is a cardio and strength piece of training equipment designed to look just like furniture…What’s more, you can even customise [it] so it fits in with the décor in your house”.

14 April 2016Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum Read More

“Cardio & Strength training equipment just got stylish!”

12 April 2016Wellbeing Plus Magazine Read More

“It’s been a real revelation for me…You’re immediately given a full programme complete with instructions and photo demonstrations, which completely takes the guesswork out of exercise”.

11 April 2016Melissa Jane Lee – Lifestyle Blogger Read More

“The Tuffit is everything in one, and a nice alternative to gym membership…”

1 April 2016The Business Desk Read More

“Home fitness newsflash – your no-gym-required workout is about to get more exciting, thanks to the launch of the Tuffit…”

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“I adore this Bella Sweatshirt in Grey…It’s flattering…perfect post gym wear”

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“These Leeds mothers of invention are helping us all fight the festive flab.”

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“Mothers can be a great source of inspiration and have a hugely positive impact on their child’s career, as we found out from our panel of entrepreneurs.”

3 March 2016Office Genie Read More

“The Tuffit combines cardio and resistance training into a flexible home routine, and its sleek design fits seamlessly into any home, allowing it to double as a piece of furniture.”

3 February 2016Carmarthen Journal Read More

“…the perfect home workout, whatever your ability.”

8 February 2016Your Fitness Read More

“I highly recommend this piece of home gym equipment…with the huge number of online training programmes [we] are not likely to get bored anytime soon”

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“#BREAKFREE from Mum Guilt with these tips from the UK’s leading Mumpreneurs”

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“I got this fabulous new gym vest from fledgling company Fit for Keeps”

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“Home exercise equipment is usually the last word in Eighties naff. But the Tuffit can give you a workout while also offering the practicality of a stylish footstool”

11 February 2016Daily Mail View Article

“It’s an ingenious all-in-one mini gym, with a name inspired by the ‘Little Miss Muffet Sat On Her Tuffet’ nursery rhyme.”

26 December 2015Yorkshire Post Read More