How The Tuffit Began


It all started on a cold Saturday morning in January 2014.

Jenny and I were training together and got chatting about a little idea Jenny had to help her clients in-between sessions…and from there it snowballed. An idea – nicknamed simply ‘the box’ – became a beautiful little exercise system known as the Tuffit.


“The box” then and the Tuffit now.

Clawing together the budget needed to bring this product to life, we’ve worked day and night to get the product made. It’s been a labour of love full of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention the laughter, anxiety attacks and excessive amounts of cake (yes, that’s right, even Jenny the personal trainer eats cake too)!

IntroducingtheTuffit1 (1)

Jenny “the box” tester and the cake snaffler!

It’s a scary business getting an ‘invention’ turned into a real life product.  We had absolutely no idea what we were letting ourselves in for when we started.

The acronyms were enough to put us off altogether – CAD, BOM, DFMEA, – I could go on.  After all the meetings we sat in where it was suggested politely across the table that we might be a little out of our depth, it’s a miracle we didn’t just give up at the first hurdle.  But then, where’s the fun in that?

Eventually we found a product designer to support us through the complexities and to help bring our vision to life.  We went through about ten different versions of the Tuffit before getting to our final design, but without a working prototype we could go no further.

So the next step was to find a manufacturer.  And if we thought the design stage had been tricky, we were about to get a bit of a shock…


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