How Low Can You Row

Seated Low Row 3

Exercise Name:  Seated Low Row

How do I set up my Tuffit?  Parallel Set Up

How hard is it? 
This exercise is simple to perform but can still be very challenging depending on which strength of tubing you use!

Which muscle group does it work? 
Primarily the target muscles are those in the back rhomboids and trapezius (muscle between shoulder blades).  The biceps (front of arms) also get a good workout.

What’s good about it? 
It works several muscles all at the same time and can help to develop tone and shape in the arms and back. It’s great for overall upper body strength and targets the postural muscles in the back (Rhomboids and Trapezius).

I use this exercise a lot with my clients especially the ones who spend their working day sitting behind a desk.  This exercise helps to prevent the rounding of the shoulders which is very common amongst office workers because the chest muscles become tighter and the back muscles (Rhomboids) become lengthened. Over time this can result in a Kyphotic posture.

Watch Jenny in seated low row action!

Disclaimer:  The information in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice.  If you experience any flexibility or mobility issues you should consult your GP.