Hot To Squat

Squat with Tuffit platform

Exercise Name: The Squat

What’s the Tuffit set up?  You just need the platform – as shown here.

How hard is it? 
The squat can be very hard. Depending on your level of strength the squat can be made even harder by adding weight to the movement.  Adding depth also makes for a more challenging exercise.
Use the platforms to guide your depth – try squatting to the main Tuffit platform and when you feel more confident progress to the lower platform.

Which muscle group does it work? 
The muscles in the legs and glute (bottom) are the main muscles worked.  A squat with good form and added weight will work stabiliser muscles too. Every muscle in the body has to work very hard to perform a squat with good form, core and back muscles get a good workout too.

What’s good about it? 
Squats are excellent for toning the legs and bum!  You work all the leg muscles at the same time so they use a lot of energy providing both a strength and cardio effect.  If performed correctly, they can help to keep you flexible and regular squatting is known to keep the hips mobile.  Tight hips over time can cause shortenings in the muscles resulting in back problems.

Combining pelvic floor squeezes with your squat is also a great way to tone your trampoline muscle!

Take a look at my squat demo and get moving!

Disclaimer:  The information in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice.  If you experience any flexibility or mobility issues you should consult your GP.