Flying High


Exercise Name: Seated Fly – Home Workout for Chest Muscles

How do I set up the Tuffit? Cross Over

How hard is it?  
This exercise is easy to set up and easy to execute.  Make sure you familiarise yourself with the technique and positioning.

Which muscle group does it work? 
The seated fly should be part of any home workout for chest muscles.  Additional muscles are also recruited to assist the movement.  These include shoulders, biceps and postural muscles.

What’s good about it? 
The seated fly helps to give balance and tone to the torso, including the front of the shoulder and biceps. Performing this exercise also challenges the postural muscles (core and erector spinae are recruited to stabilise the movement).  A good all round exercise.

Home Workout for Chest:  Jenny’s Top Tip 
Start with the lighter resistance tubing to begin.  Take note of the guidance notes and watch the video.   It’s important to keep this movement controlled to execute correctly.  Once familiar with the technique, progress to a heavier tubing colour.