Extend Your Reach



Tricep extension demo

Exercise Name: Tricep Extension

How do I set up the Tuffit? Cross Over

How hard is it?  
This exercise is easy to set up.  If you are not familiar with this exercise it may take a few attempts to get the positioning correct, so make sure you watch the video demo and check the positioning of the arms.

Which Muscle group does it work? 
This exercise works the small muscle in the back of the arm (tricep).

What’s good about it? 
The tricep extension is an isolation exercise which strengthens and tones the muscle in the back of the arm.

Top Tip 
This muscle is small and the exercise is isolated, so I recommend starting off with the lighter band.  The movement can feel a little awkward until you establish the correct movement pattern.  Using a mirror to check the positioning of your arms, posture and alignment is helpful.