Home Fitness – What’s That All About?

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The research process for Fit For Keeps was a real eye opener.

Right back in 2014 Jen and I spent a day observing research groups to get a better understanding of how real people felt about the world of home fitness. It has definitely got a tarnished reputation. We heard people talking about everything.

From the superficial: ‘The equipment is just tacky pink plastic with no real instructions.’

To the practical: ‘I just don’t want to do a DVD workout over and over again, it gets boring.’

To the emotional: ‘I hate those before and after shots – they’re so de-motivating. I still look closer to the before shots and we know the after shots have been airbrushed.’

The list of frustrations and objections was lengthy. And believe it or not, the ugliness and size of the equipment featured high on the list of complaints.

It was clear to us that we needed to give the concept of home fitness equipment a good makeover.

Most people we spoke to loved the idea of feeling like exercise was a lifestyle choice – something that can be a way of life rather than a destination. The ideal was for exercise to have seamless integration with everything else they have going on.

With this in mind we set off to design a solution that would answer all the objections…

  • no more tacky pink plastic
  • no more repetitive DVDs
  • and no more insulting intelligence with dishonest before and after shots or unrealistic promises.

We decided to just design something that works when used properly and to tell people the truth about it.

There is no easy fix when it comes to fitness.

There is no such thing as an exercise or diet regime that works in days or weeks. Let’s not patronise ourselves by believing all the nonsense we hear about short cuts. Let’s celebrate who we are today (life’s too short for anything else), do our best to build fitness into our everyday lives and recognise that one solution doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

Whether that’s using your Tuffit 5 times a week or only using it in-between runs and Zumba classes – trust us, building fitness into your everyday life is strangely liberating. Once you know you have regular exercise built in, the rest of it – diet, shape, size – soon starts to fall into place.

Researching this project and getting Fit For Keeps off the ground has become a bit of a crusade for me. It has changed my life. The light bulb moment was when I realised that fitness needs to be a way of life rather than a short burst of activity now and then. Now I just think of it as something that has to happen, a bit like breathing or showering or eating.

Have you had a light bulb moment when it comes to fitness? Let me know, it’s good to share!

Sarah xx

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