5 things you’re probably thinking about the Tuffit

We’re going to be bold now, but let’s just put something out there….A Tuffit isn’t the right solution for everyone!

There.  We’ve said it.  Because there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to fitness.

But…we’re pretty confident that for many people, the Tuffit will feel like the fitness miracle they’ve been waiting for.

So in the spirit of honesty being the best policy, here we address all the things we know you might be thinking if you’re considering a Tuffit purchase…

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1.  I don’t think I’d use it enough

This is a tough one.  We feel your pain.  If we could sell Tuffits with a side of on-going motivation, we would definitely be millionaires by now.

What we can say though, is that because it’s compact and neat, it fits in every room in the house.  If you spend the most time in your lounge, then put it in there.  Unlike an exercise bike which is too big to have lying around and therefore is likely to end up relegated to the spare room or garage, the Tuffit is there, in front of your nose, a little reminder to squat before you put your feet up for the evening.  We also offer Personal Training support over the phone with every Tuffit sold or hired – so if you need a proverbial kick up the bum, or even just a chinwag about your goals, you can give us a bell.

Don’t forget, a Tuffit is also highly compatible with binge watching television.  Think of it as a guilt free way to squeeze in an extra episode of your favourite show and you’ll soon be seeing exercise as a form of entertainment! See Sarah’s Tuffit, Netflix, Nap Article

2.  It’s reassuringly expensive!

Ok, let’s get this one out of the way.  A Tuffit is an investment purchase.  We appreciate that £199 isn’t an amount of money to be spent on a whim.  But, when you compare it to some of the other options – treadmills, cross trainers, rowers or even a gym membership – the Tuffit is competitively priced.

The Tuffit is actually a piece of quality furniture and therefore it does has a dual function.  And when we say furniture, we don’t mean flat packed or mdf.  The Tuffit is made from very high quality wood – beautiful birch ply.  There are two reasons for this:

  1. It’s lovely.  And most people want lovely things in their homes
  2. It has to be this kind of wood for safety reasons.  Trust us, when we were developing it, we tried all sorts of materials, but to guarantee stability and safety, birch ply was the only choice.

So there you have it.  We want everyone to be fit and everyone to have a Tuffit: if we could sell it for less, we would.  But, sadly, we need to pay our wood supplier and our mortgages, so we can’t!

3.  I can do all the things the Tuffit does by myself at home

Ooh, interesting point.  There are lots of things that can be done to get your fit on without using equipment – check out Jen’s Dancing Queen workout for a great example.

But the question is: Do you? 

If this was a suitable alternative for everyone, no-one would ever buy a treadmill (you can run outside), a cross trainer (you can climb the stairs a lot) or free weights (just use a good old can of beans).

If you feel confident at developing your own workouts using whatever you already have at home or even just your body weight, that’s great!  You should be pretty pleased with yourself because you’ve obviously got this fitness malarkey cracked!

But, if you’re more like the many women we spoke to during our research who said they don’t know what they should be doing or how they should be doing it, then the Tuffit with the accompanying personal training programmes might be worth a try.  It also gives you plenty of variety to choose from since we add new workouts all the time.

4.  It looks a bit complicated

We can see how it might look like a tricky set up if you’re new to exercising with resistance tubing.   It might take a couple of attempts to get the hang of where to clip things, but there are clear instructions and demo videos if you need them and you’re only ever one call away from our expert personal trainers if you need help.  Once you get it, you’ll be Tuffit-ing to your heart’s content.

Tuffit Setup

5.  Isn’t it cheaper to go to the gym?

There are some cheap gym memberships these days, but the cost of a gym membership in the UK can be anything from £15 – £100 per month or £180 – £1200 a year.  Whereas, a Tuffit is for life, not just a year!

Gym and Tonic vs Eating your own feet!

However, if you go to the gym for other reasons – perhaps you prefer a more social environment – then maybe a Tuffit isn’t the right solution for you.  We said at the beginning that we’d be honest and we meant it.  If gym and tonic is your thing, you have our blessing!  But we know lots of people would rather eat their own feet than step foot inside a gym, so the Tuffit is a great alternative.

Also, don’t forget the time factor.  You need a good couple of hours for a round trip to the gym and you probably should be doing that 3 times a week if you want to get value for money and results.  That means a weekly commitment of at least 6 hours.  Given many of us are pretty time poor, that feels like a big chunk out of your precious free time.  You can get the same job done at home with a Tuffit in less than half this time.

We hope we’ve given you a few things to think about – we want you to love your Tuffit once you get it home, so we’re happy to help you work out if it’s the best solution for you, which is why we offer a 21 day money back guarantee!  If you change your mind, simply call us to collect the Tuffit within 21 days – it’s that simple!

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