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I designed the Tuffit to make a fit lifestyle more accessible.

I often got asked by my clients “What’s the best piece of fitness equipment for my home?” Finding something on the market to combine cardio and resistance training and compliment their other activities was difficult.

I wanted to give my clients the best of both.

Something which would cover everything from strength training, cardio, plyometric and core work, besides challenging motor skills such as balance and co-ordination.  I knew I wasn’t going to get this from the conventional treadmill or stepper, and the feedback from my clients was that they just didn’t have the space for this kind of equipment which is often very expensive and not mentally stimulating.

Fast forward a couple of years and we had designed and built the Tuffit.

I’m so proud of this neat piece of kit which is a real winner for my clients.  They just love the fact that they can do everything they would often do with me. It saves so much time travelling to the gym and having to wait for equipment to become free – we all know how it is, being a busy Mum myself I sympathise.

The workout programmes are easily accessible online with clear instructions and they are deliberately super straightforward to follow! Working out is so much easier if you know exactly what you’re doing.  The programmes are designed to take the headache away of having to come up with a plan or routine.  Results come with action not pondering about trying to figure out what to do next because the leg machine is busy!

I have noticed my clients becoming fitter and stronger.

They’re also telling me that they’ve noticed an improvement in posture.  Many of my clients are desk based in their jobs which is known to be a contributing factor for poor posture.  The Tuffit programmes offer many exercises which will strengthen postural muscles.

I really believe the Tuffit will make a fit lifestyle more accessible.

If you have any questions about the Tuffit, how it works, or what it can do for you, please do get in touch.  You can email me directly at hello@fitforkeeps.com and I’m really happy to help.

Jenny xx