Holiday Havoc

Whether you have kids or not, the summer holidays create havoc for everyone.

Routines are changed, colleagues are away at work and somehow, despite people fleeing the country for sunnier climes, many places seem busier than ever as families fill the endless weeks with activities.

Has your weekday routine gone a bit haywire?

I’m feeling particularly frustrated this week having spectacularly failed to do any of the workouts I had planned to do and frankly, I’m blaming the lack of routine.  I also seem to have lost the ability to plan or schedule anything properly.

Having two kids at home on the two days each week that I don’t go out to work means I’ve somehow managed to lose all track of what day of the week or even date of the month it is!  For instance, I booked tickets for the three of us to go the theatre to see the ‘Tiger Who Came To Tea’ in York and managed to confuse my Fridays meaning we missed it completely.  #gutted #idiot #mustremembertocheckthesethings

You’d think since I don’t need to remember the usual PE Kits, snacks, water bottles, after school clubs, etc that I’d have the bandwidth to remember important theatre trips and space to fit in a quick 30 minute workout, wouldn’t you?  It’s also bizarre that I’m working two less days than usual but feel busier than ever!

A 2 month break has made me feel wobbly all over

Feeling smiley (and wobbly) in Disneyland Paris!

Back in July I had surgery which meant I was benched from exercise for a month.  Then we went on our family summer holiday for two weeks and so any return to a usual workout schedule was delayed further.

Not to mention that holiday included wine and LOTS of cake.  

We all know what happens when you stop exercising – it’s dangerous!  So after almost two months of ‘rest’ I feel flabby and unmotivated and I need a big kick up the bum to get myself going again.  ‘Holiday Havoc’ is not unique to me though.  Over on our Facebook page we’ve been chatting about the difficulty of keeping a summer routine going, here are a couple of the comments:

“My day to day routine has totally gone out of the window & and I’m feeling really sluggish from too little exercise & too many last minute rubbishy meals. Concerted effort to get back to it this week with some ‘me time’ for exercise & also craving fresh fruit. Hope to feel more ‘normal’ again x”

“As a non-parent it’s not the kids or my own holidays wreaking havoc with my “routine” (a couple of yoga classes and a spin class a week). It’s the class cancellations meaning I need to motivate myself… which I can’t! I know a 5k run is achievable and would boost me mentally but I can’t drag myself out of the door – especially in this “summer” rain!”

But don’t throw the towel in altogether!

If you’re struggling with ‘holiday havoc’, here’s a few words of wisdom from Jen to get you back on track:

“Take one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout or eat a meal you know wasn’t good for you. The important thing is you exercise a little where you can and if you had a bad food day make a conscious effort to make the next day a good food day.

When my kids were small I found that getting up before them to squeeze a workout in worked really well! Not only did I feel guilt free I had more energy and was ready to take on the world of kids ha ha.

I can’t emphasise this enough: PLAN when to exercise.  If it is early morning before the kids wake then go to bed early, set the alarm, get up, stick your trainers on and do it! Trust me you won’t regret it! You only ever regret the workout you didn’t do, so what are you waiting for?

For those days when your foods are off track ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and nibble on fresh fruit and vegetables loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. By doing this you will be at least putting something good inside you and will help to combat that groggy feeling when you’ve opted for a not so healthy sandwich or a kiddy treat at McDonalds!

Get the kids involved

Summer walks with a football and a healthy picnic is a great way to fill in a few hours. When it’s raining and you’re stuck in doors again get them involved, maybe they could count your reps or join in a few free body weight exercises. Write your exercises on pieces of paper and let the kids pull them out of a hat – ‘lucky dip’ – they love this, especially when it’s burpees and mum is complaining ha ha.”

So there you have it!  Keep on keeping on with it.  After all, we’re only a hop, skip and a jump from the next holiday season!

Sarah x

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