Half Way There

Smiling through the pain (1)

I am currently on Week 4 of the 8 Week Tuffit Training Programme…and it’s been really great actually.

I can’t claim to have completed absolutely everything listed in each week – real life has a habit of getting in the way – but I’ve done my very best and hand on heart I can say I haven’t allowed feeble excuses to get in the way.

Things that have gone better than I expected are the core programmes and the mini challenges. I have enjoyed these way more than I thought I would.  I managed 82 squats on the Squat Challenge in Week 3 which I feel pretty pleased with!  Now I need to try to do it again and see if I can beat my own score.

After the Squat Challenge (1)

After the squat challenge…

Unfortunately, Week 4 has not got off to the best start.

After our Pretty Muddy Bootcamp on Sunday (not part of the programme, just an extra for the Fit for Keeps team) I could barely walk on Monday so I allowed myself an unscheduled rest day.  I started my first day of Week 4 on Tuesday and was pleased with my running effort, but I am now ill with a horrible virus and typing this blog in bed under the duvet having spent 2 days feeling sorry for myself and not doing any exercise at all.

But, I keep reminding myself about Jen’s mantra…

“You wouldn’t break all the windows in your house just because you had accidentally broken one.”

So as soon as I’m well again, I am going to be back on it and powering through to Week 8 without feeling guilty about the downtime.

Week 4 day 1 (1)

Week 4 Day 1

Over the next 4 weeks I am going to try really hard to focus on FOOD and REST.

1) For the second half of the plan I am going to try hard to limit dark chocolate which is my main vice (it would be a big block of Dairy Milk but I’m intolerant to dairy so I have to put up with the dark stuff!).

2) I also need to really think about drinking enough water – I am going with Jenny’s suggestions from Week 3 about adding lemon.

3) And finally, I am going to try really hard to get my full 8 hours sleep each night so I have the energy for fitness as well as everyday life.  The good news is my 3 year old has slept through for three nights this week – for the first time since birth!! So, I am desperately hoping this is a pattern that will continue.  I think I feel better for it already!

Sleeping Roman (1)

Sleeping Roman…

Now for the important bit…

…have I noticed any difference in my body at the half way stage?  Well I can genuinely say I feel fitter, have a lot more energy and my clothes feel better.  I really do feel as though my shape is changing particularly around my middle (which is my trouble spot).  Nothing significant has changed on the scales yet, but I’m not worried, there’s still time.  Actually, I’m already feeling so much better, I don’t really care about the number on the scales anymore – which can only be a good thing.  And dare I say I am starting to look forward to my daily fitness activity…which is a really positive change for me.

If you’re doing the 8 Week Tuffit Training Programme, please let me know how you’re getting on, I’d love to hear from you.

More soon,

Sarah xxx

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