Guns For The Girls

Jenny demos a bicep curl.

Exercise Name: Bicep Curl

How do I set up the Tuffit? Cross Over

How hard is it?
This exercise is easy to set up and has a simple movement pattern.

Which muscle group does it work?
This exercise primarily works the muscles in the upper front part of the arm (biceps, brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis). The muscles in the forearms and shoulders also contribute to this movement.

What’s good about it?
This exercise strengthens and tones the upper arm as well as the forearm. Because the whole arm is involved in this exercise the extensor muscles (which help to extend the wrist and fingers) are also worked and strengthened. Postural muscles play an important role when executing this exercise and keeping the core activated will help to stop any movement from the spine (avoid leaning backwards).

Top Tip
Ensure you execute this exercise using a full range of movement, fully extending the arm through every repetition. Check out Guns for Girls for a full workout plan.