Sleek Silhouette 1

March on the Spot
Side Bends
Spine Rotations
Opposite Hand to Knee
Hip Circles
Shallow Squat & Bicep Curl
Ankle Flex
Shoulder Rotations
Neck Rotations
March Forwards & Backwards
Knee Raise & Pec Deck Arms
Jog on the Spot
Small Lunges
Leg Curls & Pull Down Arms
Jog Heel Flick
Neck Stretch
Chest Stretch
Back Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Spine Stretch
Thigh Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Hip Flexor Stretch
Inner Thigh Stretch
Glute Stretch
Calf Stretch
Lower Calf Stretch

This programme is ideal for the ‘Bride to Be’ who wants an excellent all over body workout.

Start with 20-30 seconds of work time and 20-30 seconds of rest in-between exercises. Gradually reduce your rest time and increase your work time as your strength and fitness improves.

Alternatively, you may prefer to base your programme on repetitions rather than time.

You could start with 8-12 repetitions per exercise and work your way up to 15-25 once you feel fitter and stronger.


The CoreCurve is designed to make the exercises more challenging.  If you are new to exercise you may wish to practice on the floor to start with until you’re comfortable with the technique.

The CoreCurve is erognomically shaped to give support to your back. However, the shape may not suit everyone, so please proceed with caution.

Set Up Instructions – Platform
Lateral Step Over
Set Up Instructions – Cross Over
Seated Fly
Tricep Dip
Bulgarian Split Squat
Glute Lift with Arms
Shoulder Press
Step Up
Bicep Curl
Set Up Instructions – Parallel
Seated Low Row
Rear Delt
Full Plank
Mountain Climbers
Set Up Instructions – CoreCurve
Crunch & Full Sit Up
Seated Rotation
March Forwards & Backwards
Knee Raise & Pec Deck Arms
Small Lunges
Shallow Squat & Bicep Curl
Jog Heel Flick
March on the Spot
Neck Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Back Stretch
Seated Tricep Stretch
Seated Chest Stretch
Seated Inner Thigh
Seated Outer Thigh
Seated Lower Calf Stretch
Lying Hamstring Stretch
Lying Abdominal Stretch
Lying Quad Stretch
Kneeling Spine Stretch
Kneeling Hip Flexor
Calf Stretch