The Trainer Behind The Tuffit

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With the Tuffit fast becoming the choice of fitness equipment for the UK, we thought it was a good idea to get to know the trainer behind the Tuffit – Jenny – a little better…

Have you always worked in the Fitness Industry? 
No, I left school at 16 and worked in a shop for a short while.  I then went to college and learned secretarial skills.  In my early 20s I trained to be a fitness instructor and went on to teach aerobics, step aerobics and conditioning classes alongside my admin job.

My youngest was 2 years old when I decided to do something that my children could be involved in and enjoy. My area didn’t offer much for little ones so I opened a children’s play centre (Playdayz).  It was a brilliant business – the kids in my area loved it!  At the same time, I was also training to compete in the UIBBN World Figure Champion competition.

After I sold the business, I went back to study as a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher.  Eventually, I set up my own Personal Training business in a private studio at home and continue to teach now, as well as getting Fit for Keeps off the ground.

What do you enjoy about being a Personal Trainer? 
I enjoy passing on my knowledge to others and having a hand in changing their lifestyles.  I would say the best part of my job is seeing my clients’ improvements.  When a client feels happy about themselves, their whole outlook changes and they become more confident in every area of their life.

Great personal training is just that – `personal` – and I get to know each and every one of my clients personally.  I know how they’re feeling as soon as the walk through the door.  In the warm up we generally have a brief chat, put the world to rights and then it’s in to the workout. By the end of the session they have forgotten about their bad day and leave feeling energised and ready to conquer the world again.

I also love to prepare women for their wedding day.  It always brings a tear to my eye when I see a woman transformed, looking amazing in her beautiful wedding dress and glowing with confidence.

I also train mums-to-be. Every week I see them grow bigger and as the pregnancy progresses and the training is adapted to accommodate their growing bump.  Once the baby is born and mum is given the all clear to start exercising again, we get back to work and get mum’s pre-pregnancy body back.  It’s amazing how the body bounces back in to shape following pregnancy.  I am a perfect example of that as I started my competitive career after my children and gained a physique far better than my pre-pregnancy figure!

What made you decide to design a product like the Tuffit? 
I have over 20 clients, some who train twice per week.  This adds up to lot of working hours in the gym but it’s my job to keep my clients active, one or two hours personal training per week does not cut it!  So I spend a lot of time putting together home workout plans for clients incorporating bits of equipment that I either loan them or that they have already. After investing in a couple of plyo boxes for my gym, it wasn’t long before I was playing around threading bands through handle holes thinking of ways to make exercise interesting and varied.  It suddenly came to me that if I could design a box of tricks for my clients they could use at home, this would take away the barriers many of them faced.

Jen trained Sarah when pregnant and afterwards - this is Roman in the gym! (1)

Jen trained Sarah when pregnant and afterwards – this is Roman in the gym!

One of the first people I shared this idea with was Sarah.  She loved it and could totally relate to the barriers women face when it comes to exercise especially being a mum of two little boys.  We chatted lots about the idea and together we have transformed it into something far better than I could have ever imagined.  Sarah has a flare for style and is very sophisticated. Together we have put our personality into the Tuffit and we are very proud of our invention.

Aren’t you worried that your clients will all work out at home instead of coming to you?! 
Not at all! The Tuffit compliments Personal Training sessions perfectly.  I always encourage my clients to do a variety of things – it’s the only way to ensure you are ‘Fit for Keeps’.

Glute Kickback 2

What’s your favourite Tuffit exercise?  
This is a difficult question as I designed them all.  Choosing just one, I would go for the glute kickback as this is great for toning the bottom but also activates the core, back muscles and gives excellent stability work for the shoulders.  Lots of muscle groups are recruited when performing this exercise.

What colour Tuffit / CoreCurve do you have in your house?
I have Taupe with the Pewter CoreCurve it sits beautifully in my living room.

What’s been the hardest part about getting the Tuffit ready to launch?  
That would be manufacturing.  The Tuffit is designed for strength and durability foremost, but we also wanted the design to be stylish with character.  We required a manufacturer that could produce a high quality premium product.  This was a long process but with perseverance and many prototypes we finally have a product we are proud of.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given about starting your own business?  
Whatever you think it will cost, double it and some more!

What’s the funniest thing to happen while you’ve been working on the Fit for Keeps project? 
That would be missing our stop on the train because we were chatting about new product ideas on our way to a meeting.  We had to get off at the next stop and then wait for another train to take us back! Sarah and I have been on quite a journey with lots of ups and downs.  I’m sure we will have more to come but we always manage to have lots of fun along the way.  We are enjoying this exciting new venture, nothing ventured nothing gained is what they say!
How do you unwind?  
I work out!

What’s next? 
Once we have the Tuffit settled in to the market place we plan to launch a new product, the Perfit10.

The Tuffit with a choice of CoreCurves