Fit for Keeps teams up with Rachael Taylor


You may have spotted our beautiful new gifts range in the Fit for Keeps store.

Designed exclusively for us by Rachael Taylor Studio, we thought we’d get to know Rachael herself a little better.


Tell us a bit about the Rachael Taylor Studio – what kind of work do you do and where can we find your designs.

“I’m a surface pattern designer, illustrator, author, teacher, director of the Rachael Taylor studio and co-founder of Make it in Design.”

What kind of projects do you like to work on?

“I like a real mix. I’m someone who gets bored quite easily so I love the new challenges that licensing and freelancing brings. I genuinely just love to draw and like to mix up subject matter to keep my work fresh. I’m most known for my florals but nowadays I do favour designing kids characters and typography over anything else. I love how my work can reach a wide area of the marketplace and I feel very grateful that I get to design for a diverse range of product applications.”


You’re a bit of a jet setter aren’t you? Tell us about your up coming trip to NYC.

“I LOVE to travel! I’ll be heading to NYC in August with Make it in Design to deliver two seminars at the trade show Printsource, New York for the second year running. Myself and Make it in Design will also be hosting a free, live event called Sketch Doodle Draw where we invite the creative, global community to come spend a fun few hours drawing, doodling and chatting. I’d love to travel for work more if I could fit it in but I’m lucky enough to reach clients from different countries without having to even step outside of my studio – it can all be done online, which works perfectly around my family’s needs. My work is shown at various US trade shows throughout the year and it gets to travel a lot more than me! I don’t have to physically go to each show myself as my agent can represent me.”

How has it been collaborating with Fit for Keeps on their gift range?

“It’s been so much fun! The brief was commercial and very thorough however I was left to explore and experiment with ideas which was really nice as I usually work best like that, as it’s a more spontaneous process. I loved their fun captions and their registered trademark ‘Perfit’ – it’s all been so cleverly created with a touch of humour that it made it really easy to feel inspired which then naturally influenced my creative process.”


What inspiration did you use for creating the illustrations?

“Most of the motif inspiration came from the original Fit For Keeps logo and I really wanted to incorporate geometrics, arrows and hearts but in my own illustrative hand-drawn way. I created a mix of bold clean graphics such as chevrons along with softer, quirkier hand-drawn versions to add more personality to each piece. I also focused on hand drawn lettering to really hone in on their clever slogans. It just felt like a very organic process and I really enjoyed sketching in a non-contrived way.”

What is your favourite item from the Fit for Keeps gift range?

“My personal choice would be the A6 Almost Perfit notebook. I’m really drawn to the colour palette on this one and the contrast between the hand-drawn elements against the graphic chevron pattern. It’s also a great book to use to track your weekly goals and to record an exercise schedule and milestones.”

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What do you think of the Tuffit and the Fit for Keeps concept?

“I absolutely love the concept, its brilliant. I’m currently renovating my home and designing a lot of bespoke furniture myself. I think the Tuffit is so clever and brilliantly designed. As like most people you definitely don’t want ugly gym furniture ruining your interiors. I love the company and brand ethos and I especially love that Sarah and Jenny are mumpreneurs running a successful and innovative business.”

“It’s so inspiring as I know that many women feel like they have to give up their careers when they have children, as so many companies do not support family/flexi time, which is sad and disappointing to witness. It’s great to see that women can make a business work around their families needs. Being a start up company is tricky in the beginning and Fit for Keeps are doing a great job doing something that they love. They are definitely one to watch and it’s been a privilege to work with them.”


What is your personal approach to health and fitness?

“I actually come from a dance background (believe it or not) so I used to be quite active. Then I relaxed a little over the years but I then found a love of Pilates and Yoga. However around the time of having a newborn any health and fitness went out of the window as life and work became a juggling act. I’ve been lucky enough to stay fairly slim over the years without a strict regime. However I’ve really noticed a real difference with metabolism lately and when I don’t exercise I become stressed out, my skin looks dull and I have zero energy levels and I’m then more likely to reach for the junk food.”


“I love to go on big hikes and as my little boy was just about to turn one last year I pushed myself to start running. Having always struggled with asthma it was something I could never quite master, however I’m pleased to say I went from zero to 8-mile runs and I now love it. I’m not going to lie, it did not feel natural at all, it was so hard and I really had to push myself and become super disciplined. I’ve not done much at all in recent months though due to a nasty shin splint. I follow the Fit for Keeps blog and I feel really inspired to get my fitness back up and to not let my injury stop me. At the moment I’m running around after my little toddler which is non-stop but I’ve noticed that my back is really suffering lately and I definitely need to build up my core strength and master another aerobic activity whilst my shin splint heels.”

“In terms of health I’ve never smoked, I’m not a big drinker, and don’t really eat sweets or have fizzy drinks. I’d say I’m considerably healthy as I’m a vegetarian too but I do love a good pizza and a giant bar of dairy milk! I’m not the best cook either but I’m definitely getting there and just try to use kale and/or spinach in a number of my dishes lately. My husband is an avid gym goer and eats very well; he’s a good influence on me and stops me just lazily eating toast!”

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