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Have you heard about ‘Rational Fitness’?

It’s been in the news this week because of an article on the website Refinery29.

Writer Kelsey Miller says ‘Rational Fitness’ is where you step off the roundabout of manic dieting and exercising based on rules, calorie calculations and activities that make you miserable and focus on health, wellbeing and doing things you actually enjoy. And, although it’s sounds like just another ‘buzz’ phrase, it really makes a lot of sense to me.

If you read the blog regularly, you’ll know that my own personal motivation for fitness comes from a need to a feel good mentally.

After years of thinking about exercise in terms of how many calories it burns and weighing myself constantly, I discovered quite by accident that fitness can be much more easily integrated into your life (and dare I say enjoyable) if you focus on how exercise makes you feel rather than how it makes you look.

I think the reason for this is that exercise makes you feel good pretty much instantly.  No delayed gratification with this one, you get instant payback! And in our fast moving world where everyone wants everything right now – superfast broadband, drive through coffee, same day delivery – you would think that we would all be totally on board with anything that gives us an instant benefit.

It's still a workout even if you like it.

But the problem is, in addition to being programmed by today’s society to have no patience whatsoever to wait for anything, we also want to have instant results without making any effort.

No need to get out of your car and walk for that extra large latte, or wait a couple of days for the postman to deliver your internet shopping order. Everything will come to you without you having to lift a foot off the floor!

There’s the rub.  Although there is an immediate benefit, unfortunately, exercise requires effort.

Of course, exercise can make you look good too – but it takes a lot longer to see these results – which means focusing on this aspect alone puts you in serious danger of giving up or getting bored. If you start with a benchmark that is purely physical and you want to see instant or at least very quick results, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

But focusing on how you feel – that’s powerful stuff.

So powerful in fact that very soon, you’ll be thinking less and less about how you look and more and more about how you feel.

And the best news?

You’ll be feeling amazing in no time and all, much more likely to keep up your fitness programme and the physical results will come anyway.

Why not give it a try?  If you’ve tried numerous times to get an exercise regime going with little success, it might just be that you need a different reason to get your trainers on.

Feeling is believing!  Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

More Soon

Sarah xx

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