Team Tuffit Exercise Class at Stray FM

Chris takes on some tricep dips

So Friday was a funny old day really.

Jenny and I really do have some varied days working on the Fit for Keeps business!

First, and most importantly, Friday was my 6 year old’s birthday – so the day started at the break of dawn with present opening, excitement and then a good bounce on his new trampoline.  I then spent most of the day baking Finnian’s Birthday Cake: a dairy, egg and gluten free Star Wars creation that really tested my limited skills as a baker!


In the middle of all the present / cakey/ bouncy / Star Wars fun, Jenny and I popped over to Stray FM in Harrogate to be interviewed for their Health and Wellbeing Show.

While we were there, we took the opportunity to round up a few presenters and sales staff for a lovely Team Tuffit Exercise Class.

Jenny put them (and me) through their paces with a warm up in the car park followed by a nice little circuit.  The main exercise class consisted of Seated Rows, Bulgarian Split Squats, Press Ups, Lateral Raises, Sit Ups and Plyo Jumps followed by Walking Lunge and Tricep Dip Challenges.  She even made sure to tailor the class for each individual where needed as we had a gender mix – poor Christopher Dean @strayfmchris was a little bit outnumbered by us ladies!

Exercise class warm up

The Tuffit class circuit at Stray FM

Beth does a Plyo Jump

The team did brilliantly, although I believe they felt a little bit sore over the weekend.

They all said how amazed they were by the number of different exercises you can do with a Tuffit – and when everyone is still smiling at the end of an exercise class, you know it’s been a good one (unless it’s just sheer relief that it’s all over – @joanneleasmith definitely looks relieved in this cool down shot)!

Relief it's over

Make sure you tune in to hear our interview – on air on Stray FM on Tuesday 28th June at 7pm.   If you don’t live in Harrogate, you’ll be able to listen online at

If you’d like to take part in a Team Tuffit Exercise Class in Harrogate, you can book online in the Fit for Keeps Store.

The interview on Stray FM


Sarah xx

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