The Same…But Different

Jen when she's on it!

As a Personal Trainer I get to meet a real mix of people.

One thing that makes them the same is that they all want very similar things:  to be healthier, stronger, fitter, slimmer and feel happier about themselves.

In order to achieve the above a level of commitment is required.  However, everyone has a different level of commitment.  Attitudes towards working out differ from person to person.  Some people get a real buzz when working out. Some hate it to begin with but once they get into it, feel the benefits and see the physical changes, their attitude towards working out becomes much more positive.

So how is it some people can succeed and reach their goal and some give up?

Most people start out with good intentions and enthusiasm. They’re motivated, they want to make the changes, they know they can look and feel good if they stick with it!

The difference between success and failure to reach goals is consistency and patience.  Usually people get off to a great start and then somewhere down the line something will happen and a training session is missed which then leads to frustration and de-motivation because the plan has gone out of the window.  A few setbacks like this and the individual will cease exercise altogether.

I can relate to this. Just lately I have missed so much training as I have had to spend a lot of time focusing on my PT business and Fit for Keeps – which is probably why I felt the need to write this post about it!  I know that once I get back on track I will be able to pick up where I left off and missing a few training sessions is not going to affect me too much.  I have good foundations so I can easily pick up again.

Jen & her sister Tracey after 30 stair runs!

Me and my sister after 30 stair runs!

The point is that once the foundations are in place it doesn’t really matter if you miss the odd session.

You can pick it up again on the next planned training day no damage done.  It is a bit like building a house. The builder will set the foundations, start to build the walls and then will get rained off for a few days.  He will then take up another job indoors before returning on a finer day.  Everything is just as he left it, his foundations are in place and he can continue his build.  It is all about getting the foundations in place and improvise where you can.

Rear Delt 2

The Tuffit is perfect for those days when you just can’t get to the gym or do your regular run because it is pouring down outside.  The Tuffit is also a great piece of kit which can be used to build your foundations with plenty of workouts for all fitness levels right here.

I too use the Tuffit on days when I just can’t get to the gym and trust me this piece of kit can put even me on my knees!

Never give up, keep focus and you will achieve what you set out to do!

Jenny xx