Claire: Me & My Tuffit

Claire and her Tuffit

Claire from Harrogate is a new Tuffit owner.
Here’s how she’s been getting on…

How are you finding your Tuffit?

I’ve had my Tuffit for about 5 weeks  and I am loving it! I used to really enjoy exercise but with the everyday pressures of a full time job, studying and 2 young children, I’ve been finding it difficult to get motivated and fit exercise into my busy life. Having made the decision that I wanted and needed to start doing something for me, I knew  it needed to be something I could fit around my family demands. The Tuffit is so flexible with its exercise programmes I find I can fit a quick session with the youngest daughter assisting or do a more demanding session when the children are in bed (which I find is a great stress release).

Is it easy to use set up?

I had to refer to the instructions the first few times to make sure I was setting the Tuffit up properly. Once I got the hang of how and where the resistance tubing attached, it is quick and easy to make any adjustments to move onto the next exercise. The hardest thing I found was working out which way to store the lower platform under the higher platform – it had been a long day!

What is your favourite programme / exercise?

There are so many programmes to choose from. Being new to the Tuffit concept and having not followed a regular exercise programme for several years, I decided to start with whole body workouts rather than focusing on a specific body area. I love the idea of picking the programme based on my mood, although I must admit I’ve not felt fierce yet! The plyo jump in the Low Profile workout is challenging me at the moment. It is so simple yet requires strength, power and coordination. I’m building confidence and working towards the higher platform.

Secondly, as a mum yet to shift that left over baby jelly belly, it feels good to know that with the whole body workouts I am also targeting that area. I find the CoreCurve makes it really comfortable for my lower back to do the crunchies.

Where do you keep the Tuffit?

I have quite a small house so I had been worried that I would struggle for space to store the Tuffit. However, I selected a colourway that would compliment my existing furniture and I am really pleased that it fits beautifully into my lounge. It is definitely not stored away. It is now part of our furniture that then just happens to be readily accessible for a Tuffit session.

Do you watch TV/listen to music while you exercise?

Music – always…plus the occasional Peppa Pig.

What has surprised you about the Tuffit?

It is beautifully made with not a hint of plastic to be seen.

Would you recommend it to a friend?

Yes. Without hesitation.

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