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The 5 things that happen when you get a Tuffit

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Holiday Havoc

12 August 2017

Whether you have kids or not, the summer holidays create havoc for everyone. Routines are changed, colleagues are away at...

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A spoonful of sugar…?

21 January 2017

In the end, despite saying I wouldn’t, I decided to make one New Year’s Resolution.  I’ve always enjoyed reading, so I’ve...

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Preview Dancing Queen

20 September 2016

This workout is perfect for getting your heart pumping and your mood lifted. Take a look at each move to familiarise yourself with the technique, pop on some Abba, and start dancing here!

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Fit for Keeps in the press

The Tuffit Makes A Splash

15 September 2016

While it's safe to say our customer Tuffit reviews have all been glowing, it has been great to make a splash in the pages of some UK glossies too.

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Press Up and Away

9 September 2016

There is a press up to suit all levels of strength and fitness. It is superb for strengthening and toning the body as a whole.

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Exercises for belly fat

How To Blitz Belly Fat

30 August 2016

The promise of quick fixes may seem tempting, but the best way to reduce belly fat is through a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and rest.

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Visceral Fat: How to measure your waist

The Truth About Fat

15 August 2016

Your body needs a certain amount of essential body fat to maintain health. So here is our Fit for Keeps guide to fat - the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Me and My Tuffit

Claire: Me & My Tuffit

10 August 2016

Claire from Harrogate is a new Tuffit owner. Here’s how she’s been getting on… How are you finding your Tuffit? I’ve...

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Pushing On Up

8 August 2016

ke on the shoulder press with the Tuffit. Simple to set up and a great all round movement for the shoulders, arms and core.

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Exercises for Runners

Exercises for Runners

29 July 2016

Heather Oakes, BSc PGCE PGDip, shares the ideal exercises for runners to reduce injuries, strengthen muscles and speed you up.

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A woman stretches her muscles and smiles.

Feel Good Home Fitness

22 July 2016

Have you heard of Rational Fitness? step off the roundabout of manic dieting and exercising based on rules, and focus on health and wellbeing.

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Pretty Muddy And Loving It

11 July 2016

What an amazing event the Pretty Muddy Race for Life is! Our Fit for Keeps team took part on Saturday 9th July and we had the best day ever.

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Bicep Curl: Home Fitness Made Easy

Guns For The Girls

8 July 2016

The bicep curl works the muscles in the upper front part of the arm and strengthens and tones the upper arm as well as the forearm.

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Stray FM Tuffit Winner

Stray FM Tuffit Winner

6 July 2016

Huge congratulations to Carol - the winner of our Stray FM Tuffit competition. Hear her talking to the Stray FM team as she accepts her prize.

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Exercises For Back Pain

27 June 2016

Heather Oakes is expertly placed to provide advice on how exercise can be used to help many physical conditions such as exercises for back pain.

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Extend Your Reach

24 June 2016

The tricep extension is an isolation exercise which strengthens and tones the muscle in the back of the arm.

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Keep Going 

13 June 2016

The trick to seeing and feeling results is consistency. Deciding to keep going – even if it is taking a while to see a change in the mirror. Sticking to your plan anyway.

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Resistance Exercises: Leg Extension

A Leg Up

9 June 2016

A brilliant move to help to tone and strengthen the thigh muscle and the muscles which surround the knee joint.

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Home Fitness Programme

The 8 Week Programme

7 June 2016

An 8 week home fitness programme to help you achieve a healthy, toned body – come rain or shine. This home...

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Workout at home: Time to get off the bench!

Time To Get Off The Bench

7 June 2016

It's amazing how easy it is to find excuses not to exercise once you've broken the habit! Are you having a fitness slump? It's time to get off the bench!

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Core Exercise: Oblique Twist

Waist Away

3 June 2016

This move strengthens, tones and shapes the waist muscles. The perfect exercise for strengthening the whole of your core.

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A Messy Desk

24 May 2016

Hanging above my Dad's desk was a sign that said ‘If a cluttered desk signifies a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk signify?”

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Upper Body Exercise: Lateral Raise

Raise the Roof

18 May 2016

This exercise strengthens and tones the shoulder area - a nice one for Summer. It is also a good alternative to the shoulder press exercise if pushing over head is a problem for you.

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Healthy Diet: Jenny's Tips

Top Ten Foods To Avoid

16 May 2016

Most convenience foods provide little to no nutritional value and contain a high amount of sodium, sugar and saturated fats.

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Half Way There

12 May 2016

I am currently on Week 4 of the 8 Week Tuffit Training Programme…and it’s been really great actually.

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A Pretty Muddy Bootcamp 

11 May 2016

Jenny had planned two different circuits and a relay including bear crawls, squats, low rows, tricep dips, crunches, mountain climbers and a competitive duck walk!

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Ask Yourself Why

9 May 2016

We all know it can be hard to stick to an exercise plan. The “reasons” why you can’t workout today crowd in and...

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Step In Time

3 May 2016

A superb fat burning exercise, great for strengthening and toning those leg and glute muscles.

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Reasons v Excuses – Update

27 April 2016

You’d think as with most new plans I would have nailed it in the first week, wouldn’t you? Well the good news is – I definitely upped my game.

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Home Workout for Chest: Seated Fly

Flying High

23 April 2016

The seated fly helps to give balance and tone to the torso including the front of the shoulder and biceps.

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Home Fitness Equipment the Tuffit: Week 1 of 8

8 Week Programme: Week 1

19 April 2016

Welcome to Week 1 of our 8 Week Programme using our revolutionary home fitness equipment:  The Tuffit. The programme assumes that...

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Aerobic Exercise at Home - Plyo Jump

Everybody…Jump, Jump

17 April 2016

Plyo jumps are a high intensity exercise, use up lots of energy and oxygen making them a superb cardio and fat burning exercise.

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When Is A Reason An Excuse

11 April 2016

For me, exercise is more of a need than a like – a bit like breathing, or showering, or doing laundry. It’s something that just has to happen.

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Stretch It Out

11 April 2016

Strengthening your erector spinae can help to maintain the proper alignment of the spine. Weakness in these muscles can lead to poor posture, back pain and injury.

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Fitness Equipment UK - The Trainer behind the Tuffit

The Trainer Behind The Tuffit

6 April 2016

With the Tuffit now to be found in homes around the UK, we thought it was a good idea to get to know the trainer behind the Tuffit - Jenny - a little better...

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Frazzled Friday

1 April 2016

Yesterday, I came across something I’d written after a particularly frazzled morning routine last summer. I know you mummies out there will recognise the scenario...

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UK Wedding Fair

21 March 2016

We had a fantastic day at the the UK Wedding Fair yesterday. So many brides to be in one venue!...

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Exercise for the bride to be: The Tuffit

Wedding Fit

17 March 2016

Tailored bride-to-be sculpting and toning programmes, devised to tackle specific areas depending on the kind of dress you want to wear.

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Tuffitting Away From Home

10 March 2016

We now offer a Commercial Sales Service supplying serviced apartments and luxury boutique hotels with in-room fitness equipment that fits in perfectly with the beautiful surroundings.

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Be Inspired – Harrogate

7 March 2016

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’ll be at the Be Inspired Conference organised by Yorkshire Ladies Links at the Pavilions in Harrogate.

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Tuffit Netflix Nap

4 March 2016

Trust me, once you get familiar with the different Tuffit set ups and exercises, you can just power on through with your eyes glued to something deliciously addictive.

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Twist And Shout

25 February 2016

This is a super exercise because it challenges the core and waist muscles all in one! Perfect for toning the midsection and trimming the waist.

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Deeply Dippy

17 February 2016

Tricep dips are easy to perform when it comes to technique, but a challenging workout for the arms.

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How Low Can You Row

11 February 2016

The seated low row is simple to perform but can still be very challenging depending on which strength of tubing you use!

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Made In Britain

9 February 2016

Every Tuffit is handcrafted in the UK and built with care and attention to ensure quality and, of course, a beautiful finish.

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The Friday Roadshow

1 February 2016

Book Your Tuffit Trial Do you fancy trying a Tuffit out for size? With our Friday Roadshow you can do...

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Me and my Tuffit

29 January 2016

The Tuffit has been launched at the perfect time for me in my own personal fitness journey so it feels great.

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Dear Miss Fear…

26 January 2016

Getting fit and staying fit is a universal need. And actually, it has very little to do with how good you are at shooting hoops or navigating a hockey pitch.

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Planking Brilliant

25 January 2016

Say hello to this week’s exercise of the week… Exercise Name: The Plank What’s the Tuffit set up?  No equipment...

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First Impressions

21 January 2016

When new Tuffit owner Liz got in touch to say she was delighted with her Tuffit, we couldn’t resist asking her...

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What a week that was! 

15 January 2016

We have finally launched our Tuffit to the world after 733 days of planning, testing and building. We couldn’t contain...

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Baby Tummy 

12 January 2016

Being a good role model to my two boys is really important to me. I try to make sure we...

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Kick Start January

5 January 2016

We can’t do the work for you I’m afraid, but Fit for Keeps can give you loads of support along the way.

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Manufacturing Growing Pains

30 November 2015

As two Yorkshire lasses, Sarah and I wanted to keep as much of our business in Yorkshire as possible...but that proved harder than we imagined!

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How The Tuffit Began

28 November 2015

It all started on a cold Saturday morning in January 2014. Jenny and I were training together and got chatting...

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The Final Countdown

22 November 2015

The countdown has begun…our first product is set to launch and we can’t quite believe we’ve made it this far.

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