£50 off any Tuffit purchase

You could be working out in the comfort of your own home within a week from just £249.

Fit for Christmas

You’ve heard of ‘fashion maths’ right? The whole ‘If I wear these shoes every week for a year it’s only £2 per wear’ thing?  Us girls, we love our fashion maths!

So since we’re talking price right now, how about a couple of little ‘fit maths’ calculations…

  1. Based on the first 12 months of Tuffit ownership at a purchase price of £249, the monthly equivalent cost is just £20.  That stacks up well as an alternative to any gym membership and don’t forget, unlike a gym membership, a Tuffit is for life.
  2. If you use your Tuffit only twice each week during the first 12 months that’s less than £2.50 per use (and we know you’ll use it more than that because there’s so many varied workouts to choose from).

So from ‘Fit-maths’ to ‘Fit-mas’ (sorry, we couldn’t resist) you could be having a very happy one if you take us up on our offer.  Exercise is a real mood booster and since you’ll be indulging in a few extra calories during the festive season, why not plan ahead!

Tuffit from £249 until 25th November only

All you need is voucher code BF50-2016 and you’ll get £50 off any Tuffit purchase, no matter what your choice of colour or finish.

Be quick though and get designing your Tuffit now,  it’s only until Friday!

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