The Tuffit’s Best Home Cardio Workouts

I get asked all the time – what are the best home cardio workouts?  Many of my clients can’t easily get out for a run or bike ride and it’s not ideal to be outdoors on an evening as the winter nights draw in.

Remember, depending on your goals, cardio alone will only get you so far.  Make sure you read all about some common fitness myths before you plan your next exercise activity.

Best Home Cardio Workouts

I deliberately designed the Tuffit to be versatile – so the programmes combine both cardio and strength training.  It’s also easier to squeeze these workouts in because you only need around 40 minutes from start to finish (put that into perspective – that’s only 1 episode of your favourite box set!)

Here’s a quick low down of the best home cardio workouts from the Tuffit library:

Blaze a  Trail

Dancing Queen

Fit as a Fiddle

Little Black Dress HIIT Workout

These programmes feature everything you need to get that heart pumping and burning calories.

They also have strengthening exercises built in as standard: that’s because a combination of the two will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after you finish your workout.

So there you have it – simple!

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