Behind The Scenes With Jenny

I’d never done a photo shoot for fitness instructions before so I had no idea how long it would take or what was really involved.  The day of the shoot, I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time.

We hired a studio in Leeds and Carina and and Helen were there to do hair and make-up (these days, we just call them the Fit for Keeps Glam Squad)!  They did an amazing job and helped massively to put me at ease.

Wardrobe Adjustment (1)

Sarah helps with a little wardrobe adjustment.

To make the different set ups for the Tuffit simple and easy to identify we colour coded each section and carried this through to the outfits too.  I got to wear some amazing brands such as Lorna Jane and Sweaty Betty, along with one of our new Fit for Keeps vests.  I usually play it safe with colours and stick with neutral so I was a little out of my comfort zone wearing bright colours but they worked really well.  I now have the confidence to include some colour in my wardrobe and experiment a bit more.  Colours are so uplifting; I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to wear them!

Sarah being bossy

Sarah being bossy! But we were still friends at the end of the day!

Sarah was in charge and oh did she have fun with it! I have to say the girl put me through my paces on that day. A right little task master!  Role reversal springs to mind, she loved every minute!  I’m pretty sure she took advantage and made me do more than was actually required.  I could hear her giggling at my quivering arms whilst performing the press ups over and over and holding a plank for what seemed like forever!  Helen had her work cut out blotting the sweat from my brow I can tell you.

I wanted to ensure that everything I did on camera was as perfect as it could be. So we hired Jay Kostyszyn, a Fitness Professional and Examiner, to come along to double check my alignment when filming the exercises.  Jay did a brilliant job and saved me loads of time checking out the video clips myself after every exercise and having to reshoot.  He too put me through my paces but it was reassuring having him there and I’m truly grateful for his input.

Jens Face is a picture! (1)

My expression says it all!

The day we had a lot of content to cover and Sarah worked incredibly hard keeping it all together – directing hair, make up, wardrobe and shouting out exercise after exercise.  It was a full day workout for me with brief pauses for video check with Jay, thumbs up all round, and then on to the next.  We worked non-stop from 7.30am to 6pm with a quick lunch break in the afternoon.  We all sat outside in the glorious sunshine overlooking fields with horses grazing.  I had a brief moment thinking, ‘Ah, this is the life’, before Sarah started tapping her clipboard scurrying us all back inside!

Jen VO (1)

Voice overs are NOT as easy as you might think.

Next up came the Voice Overs at the Manto studio.  Again a mammoth task! Each video needed clear verbal instructions.  This took a bit of figuring out as I have so much to say (!) Sarah was instructed on how to use the equipment for voice overs and I simply had to speak.  Simple right?  Not in the slightest! We had many stop-starts, giggles and more giggles as the words came out all wrong or pronounced incorrectly.  Thankfully, we got there in the end!

Working on this part of the project was exciting and nerve wracking but I’m really proud of the end result – just take a look at our Fitness section. Thanks to everyone involved – Manto Films, Paul Craig, Helen and Carina – for helping us get a finished result we’re so chuffed with.

Jenny xx

Lateral Raise (1)

A finished image…lateral raises in a Fit for Keeps top.