Behind The Photoshoot Scenes

Running Order (1)

Back in my ghd days, I organised, managed and attended many photo and TV commercial shoots.  I was responsible for the ghd Rapunzel TV ad and back in 2012, just before I left to have another baby, I attended a shoot in LA where ghd was using Ellen von Unwerth to take photos of Katy Perry for the latest campaign.  The results were everything I anticipated they would be – totally stunning.

Of course, back then, budgets were pretty sizable.  A far cry from the budget Jen and I had available to shoot everything we needed for the Fit For Keeps launch! So we asked friends to volunteer to be in our videos and photos, and I cleaned my house from top to bottom so that we could use almost every room for each different shot.

Paul & Tom from Manto TV with Sarah (1)

Working out the next shot with Paul & Tom from Manto TV.

Even Jen and I didn’t escape – I joined in the shoot at my house with my little boy Finnian, and Jen shouted instructions from the sidelines.  But I got payback of course when I could return the favour watching Jen Tuffiting non-stop for two solid days in order to create all the step by step guides for each exercise!

The Credits

We used Manto TV for all the video work – Paul and Tom did us proud and were great at helping everyone feel at ease.  Paul Craig took the photos and he was unbelievably patient with us. We are so chuffed with the results – even though he managed to prompt Finnian to burst into tears and run sobbing to his room by suggesting he needed a time out (he meant a break)! Finnian was fine within 2 minutes, but poor Paul may be scarred for life!

Paul Craig (1)

Photographer Paul Craig in action.

My hairdresser and friend, Carina, coiffed everyone’s hair on the day and even helped with props and holding reflectors when necessary.  And the extraordinarily talented Helen Archer (who I  worked with many times in my ghd days) ensured we all felt radiant (and removed almost any trace of the dark circles under my eyes caused by my 2 year old not having slept through the night once yet).


Make Up Heaven (1)

Make up heaven.

Helen gives Laura the celebrity treatment (1)

Helen gives Laura the celebrity treatment.

It was a real team effort and Jen and I are so grateful to everyone who helped on the day.  A big shout out to our Fit For Keeps models:  Laura, Sara, Gemma and Emma.  We could not have done it without you.  We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Emma in Action (1)

Emma in action.

Sarah & Finnian (1)

Squats with Finnian.

Time for Gemma's close up! (1)

Time for Gemma’s close up.

Hopefully next time we can stretch to a shoot somewhere more glamorous – watch this space!

For now, enjoy the fruits of our labour and watch the video here.

Sarah xx

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