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We all know it can be hard to stick to an exercise plan.

The “reasons” why you can’t workout today crowd in and before you know it a day without exercise turns into a whole week (check out Sarah’s blog on reasons vs excuses if this sounds familiar)!

The good news is that the more you stick to your plan the more it becomes part of your lifestyle, and so your workout becomes a routine activity rather than just another thing to cram into your day. But on those busy and “couch calling” days, it can be helpful to remind yourself of the reasons why you are working out in the first place.

The Why Game

The most common answers to “why do you workout” are most likely “because I want to lose weight” or “because I want to get fitter”. Reasonable answers but not reasons that will motivate for very long. In my experience you need to get to the deeper “why” to really grasp what will drive you when you’d rather be under your duvet.

Here’s an example…

Q: Why do I want to workout?
A: Because I want to get fitter

Q: Why?
A: Because I want to have more energy

Q: Why?
A: Because I want to feel brighter, more alert and capable at work and more engaged with the people around me.

Q: Why?
A: Because I want to be active and enjoy life, with enough strength and energy to enjoy busy weekends, go cycling, try surfing and sprint up the beach with my niece and nephews.

Wanting to get fitter is an abstract idea that will only get me so far. But wanting to feel more full of beans, able to keep going and have enough energy to keep up with Duracell Bunny little ones is an emotional reason that holds much more meaning. Continuing to workout will help me get there.


On bundle of energy to try and keep up with!

Why Game Top Tip

When playing the why game try and state your answers in positive terms, for example…

Q: Why do I want to workout?
A: Because I want to lose weight

Q: Why?
A: Because I feel fat and horrible

This is a negative statement about yourself that will pull you down. So what about…

Q: Why?
A: Because I want to feel more confident about my body

This is a positive statement about your goal and it allows you to ask “why” a third time.

So keep is positive. This game is to help build yourself up and keep yourself going, not make you want give up and reach for the cookies!

Try the why game and see what is really motivating you. You might be surprised by the answers you find.


Jess xx

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